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WandaVision's Last Three Episodes To Be 1 Hour Long, Read All Details Here

Kevin Feige has announced the last 3 episodes of the show are going to be 1 hour each in length. Read on to find out more about WandaVision 1 hour episodes. 


WandaVision has been one of the most popular shows of 2021 and it's still going on, with 3 episodes left. Until now each episode has been quite short in length (20-30 mins) compares to other TV shows that are around 40 mins. However, Kevin Feige has announced the last 3 episodes of the show are going to be 1 hour each in length. Read on to find out more about WandaVision 1 hour episodes. 

WandaVision 1 Hour Episodes

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WandaVision has blown away Marvel fans and casual viewers alike with its brilliant storytelling and gorgeous cinematography with lots of references to sitcoms of the past. Each episode focuses on a time period and portrays a popular sitcom of the time like how episode 6 of WandaVision focused on and drew inspiration from Malcolm in the Middle. However, one thing that fans have been really disappointed with is the small run time for the show.

The first couple of episodes of the show were only 20 minutes long and the later episodes have been around 30 mins each. However, going forward it looks like things are changing. Kevin Feige, the boss of the Marvel Cinematic Universe has announced in an interview that the last 3 episodes of WandaVision are going to an hour in length. This will come as surprising news to many fans, and a welcome one. As of now, the six existing episodes cover 3 hours of time and the total runtime for WandaVision is six hours according to the above linked. So, by that calculation, we have 3 hours left with 3 episodes to go. 

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After all, there are dozens are of questions about the plot to be answered and each new episode adds new mysteries to the world of Westview. The 1 hour-long episodes of WandaVision will let the creators get deeper into the story in each episode, and explore the weird world of magic that WandaVision has introduced. If the quality of the last 3 episodes is as good the episodes before them, the finale has the potential to be quite phenomenal and change the MCU forever. 


WandaVision Recap 

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WandaVision is a show about 2 superpowered being - Wanda Maximoff and Vision who are stuck inside a make-believe world called Westview and everyone inside it belives Westview to be real too. As the show progresses, Wanda's powers increase and she can basically control all aspects of Westview like how a puppet master controls puppets. Vision has lost his memories of his life before Westview and comes to realise something is wrong with their world. Meanwhile, Pietro(played by X-Men Even Peters) shows up in their world to add to the chaos. Wanda and Vision's kids, Billy and Tommy manifest superpowers as well. With only three episodes to go, the mystery of Westview will soon be revealed and fans can't wait. Stay tuned for more WandaVision news.

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