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What Show Is WandaVision Episode 7 Based On? The Mockumentary Format Suggests 3 Shows

With each passing episode, WandaVision is experimenting with timelines and sitcoms based on the timelines. What show is WandaVision episode 7 based on?

what show is wandavision episode 7 based on

WandaVision keeps topping the height of craziness with each passing episode. Rumour has it that this might be the final episode that follows a sitcom format as there is a bigger picture to paint now. Out of the many easter eggs thrown in last week's episode, one that was particularly hilarious was the sitcom it took inspiration from. Let's revisit.

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What show is WandaVision episode 7 based on?

Though the 7th episode picks right up from the events that took place during Halloween (episode 6) that adhered to the 90s theme sitcom, episode 7 saw a shift in the theme. WandaVision episode 7 mostly takes inspiration from the popular show Modern Family since it's the closest to their plot. How do you identify the theme? Throughout the episode, the characters are seen getting their interviews done with the producers where they discuss their actions from the previous scenes.

It's edited in such a way that the audience feels like they're getting a peek inside the characters' heads instead of seeing a regular interview, especially since they're the only ones talking with no questions being asked from the other side to keep it going. But in WandaVision episode 7 sitcom, this is exactly what happens.

When justifying the glitches that were taking place around her, Wanda gets interrupted by the interviewer who asks out of the blue, "Do you think maybe this is what you deserve?" When confronted with such a heavy question amidst the funny events, Wanda is visibly shocked and replies, "You're not supposed to talk?", pointing that the interviewers don't talk in the mockumentary format.

In the 7th episode, it was also made clear during Vision's round of interview that all the episodes had taken place in a week or two's time and not like what the sitcom timeline suggests. Overall, the only thing that was unlike Modern Family was the episode's intro that took inspiration from The Office intro with a series of montages and catchy music accompanying it in the background. Stan Lee was another easter egg inside an easter egg as his date of birth i.e. 122822 was featured in the intro. Lee is usually seen marking his trademark cameo appearance in every Marvel movie. This was the best way to pay tribute to him.

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