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What Time Does 'The Great Escapists' Release On Amazon Prime?

Richard Hammond & Tory Belleci are coming together on Amazon Prime to star in a survival show. Find what time does The Great Escapists release on Amazon Prime.

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what time does the great escapist release on amazon prime

Survival experts Eicharx Hammond and Tory Belleci are coming together for an interesting series on Amazon Prime. These two survival experts are going to feature in a survival theme show on Amazon Prime, named The Great Escapists.

The show will trace their adventurous journey on a shipwrecked island and their struggle to survive there. If you love to watch survival shows, it can be a great addition to your watch list. Wondering what time does The Great Escapists release on Amazon Prime? Find all the details about the show here.

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The Great Escapists Release Date

According to the official site of Amazon, The Great Escapists release date is 29th January 2021. All the Amazon Prime users can start streaming this survival-themed show from today on their device. If you have a paid subscription of Amazon Prime, you can watch this show anytime after 19th January on your device. Amazon also offers a 30 day free trial period for Amazon Prime video service.

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What time does The Great Escapists release on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime has already released six episodes of the series. The episodes are around 40 to 45 minutes long on an average. Amazon Prime users can watch The Great Escapists at one go.

The Great Escapists on Amazon Prime: What to expect

This series follows how Grand Tour's survival expert Richard Ganmong tries to fend for himself on a deserted island with his friend. He will be seen with Tory Belleci instead of his usual partners. These two survivors will have to live on that island and survive with just the tools found from a shipwreck.

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Besides surviving on a No Man's Land, they also have another challenge. They need to make the island habitable and create a "Paradise Island" of their own.

Richard Hammond said to that they have to conquer huge challenges of engineering and construct everything from scratch. He has also planned to build an island-hopper vehicle. He added that since both of them have prior experience in engineering, they will be able to survive by winning all the challenges on that island.

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