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Who Is Mephisto? Is Mephisto The Final Villain In WandaVision?

There are a lot of rumours that the villain in WandaVision could be Mephisto from the comics. So, who is Mephisto and what powers does he have? Read on.

who is mephisto

WandaVision has gained immense popularity over the week as the show delivers some excellent entertainment and genuinely surprising twists with each new episode. However, the show is currently halfway through and there has been no clear indication who the big bad villain in this season is. There are a lot of rumours that it could be Mephisto from the comics. So, who is Mephisto and what powers does he have? Read on to find out.

Who is Mephisto?

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WandaVIsion Spoilers ahead, so be careful if you haven't caught up with the story yet. There have been a lot of small nods to Mehisto in the show WandaVision, the most notable being Agnes who said ''devil isn't just there" in one of the earlier episodes. There are also less subtle signs that lead fans to believe Mephisto has to do something with the whole Westview anomaly. In the last episode, SWORD believes that Wanda is controlling everything inside Westview, but we can clearly see not everything is under her control. More than that, she cannot control her two kids, they do as they please. At the end when Evan Peters appears as Pietro, she is genuinely shocked. If she was controlling everything, she would be expecting him. She even admits she has no idea how all of this started.

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Who is Mephisto?

So, the main question is, who is powerful enough to create a whole reality and brainwash two powerful Avengers into believing the lie that is Westworld? Even in the MCU, Wanda is one of the strongest heroes, capable of standing up to the power of all the infinity stones and almost killing Thanos all on her own. Someone powerful enough to control her must be a cosmic being, someone like Mephisto. Mephisto is also rumoured to appear in the Loki series. WandaVision could be how he gets introduced into the MCU. 

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In Marvel Comics, Mephisto is the literal incarnation of the Devil or Satan or Lucifer. He has a history with Wanda as well. He abducted Wanda's kids Wiccan and Speed to raise them as his own and use their powers to sow chaos in the world. Now that the threat of Thanos is over, Marvel is looking for their next big bad. Many fans have assumed it would be Galactus, but Mephisto seems a better fit. The signs all point towards Mephisto being the ultimate villain in WandaVision.

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