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Who Is Monica Rambeau Going To Meet In Space In WandaVision? All You Need To Know

Who is Monica Rambeau going to meet in space is a mystery that the MCU has left for its viewers to decipher. Read on to learn about all the possibilities.

who is monica rambeau going to meet

WandaVision finale saw Teyonah Parris' Monica Rambeau being asked to meet with a certain entity in space by a Skrull who was pretending to partake in the missions involving human law enforcement officers while being disguised as one. The finale saw the Skrull simply pointing upwards when quizzed by Rambeau regarding the identity of the mysterious entity. The final few seconds of that sequence saw Rambeau giving the Skrull a knowing smile, as if she very well knows who she will be meeting up there. Since that very moment, many have wondered about the identity of this specific entity. Read on to find out more about the enigmatic figure or figures that Parris' Monica Rambeau will be coming face-to-face with during her next appearance in the show.

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So, who is Monica Rambeau going to meet during her next MCU appearance?

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Previous MCU presentations, such as the Brie Larson-starrer Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home have established that the shapeshifting creatures are in constant contact with Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel and Nick Fury. Given the Skrull race's supposed close associations with the two, one can perhaps safely say that Rambeau will be next seen in a mission alongside Samuel L Jackson in the next MCU outing, whichever that might be. One may also be led to believe that Rambeau may be going up to space in order to meet Brie Larson's Captain Marvel, with whom she supposedly has a complicated history.

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Possibly setting the stage for Captain Marvel 2?

Whatever the case might be, it is believed that the post-credits scene in the WandaVision finale featuring Rambeau and the Skrull is essentially setting up Captain Marvel 2. Captain Marvel 2 is the film that will inevitably see Danvers meet the adult Monica Rambeau for the very first time. A young Monica Rambeau, who was aged 10 at the time of the events of the Captain Marvel movie, was portrayed by Akira Akbar. Additionally, as per the Marvel Comics lore, Rambeau will be next seen as the superhero that goes by the name of Spectrum. More details regarding her character will be shared as and when they are made available by the makers.

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