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Balloon Math Puzzle: Here's The Correct Way To Solve The Problem

Balloon math puzzle has gained immense popularity these days, amid the lockdown. Here's the correct way to solve the viral puzzle. Check out.

balloon math puzzle

Amid the Coronavirus outbreak, people have been sharing hilarious memes, games, and challenges to interact with their loved ones. They have been making the most of their time during the lockdown period. Among many puzzles and riddles, mathematics games have gained immense popularity. They are being shared on different platforms.

These days, people are sharing different riddles for their new-founded interest to solve them. From simple movie-guessing games, English puzzles, advertisement riddles to mathematical questions, unique things are surfacing online. Among them, ‘balloon math puzzle’ is making rounds on social media, after a long time. Therefore, we have penned everything about this question for you to solve effortlessly.

Here’s the ‘balloon math puzzle’

In the balloon math problem, people have been able to find the answer easily. If anybody lacks the knowledge of BODMAS, the result will turn out to be wrong. Therefore, we have mentioned the correct way to solve the ‘balloon math puzzle’. Have a look at this algebra puzzle:

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Here’s the ‘balloon math puzzle solution’

There are different ways to solve this puzzle, as done by mathematical geniuses. However, we will solve the ‘balloon math problem’ using algebra. Therefore, we have penned down the ‘balloon math puzzle solution’ for you.

Let R = a red balloon

GG = a pair of green balloons

BB = a pair of blue balloons

By putting the variables in the ‘balloon math problem’, we will get:

R + R + R = 30

R + GG + GG = 18

GG – BB = 2

B + R * G = ?

Now, by solving the first equation of the ‘balloon math problem’, we get

R + R + R = 30

3R = 30

R = 30/3

R = 10


Second equation consists of

R + GG + GG = 18

R + 2GG = 18

10 + 2GG = 18

2GG= 18-10= 8

GG= 8/2

GG= 4

Now, by solving the third equation of the ‘balloon math problem’, we get:

GG – BB = 2

4 – 2 = BB

2 = BB

Therefore, finding the values of single G and B, we get

 G = GG/2= 4/2= 2

B- BB/2 = 2/2 = 1

Now, we can evaluate the last equation

B + R * G

1 + 10 * 2

1 + (20)


Note: One should remember that while finding the ‘balloon math puzzle solution’, using BODMAS is necessary. Otherwise, getting the correct solution is impossible. Hence, solved.

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