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Cat Gets Protective As Human Tries To Snatch Its Kitten, Netizens Hail 'momma's Love'

A video of a cat mom being protective for her kitten as she takes it back from the human who playfully lifts it is doing rounds on the internet.


An adorable video showing love of a cat mom for her kitten has left the netizens in complete awe. Uploaded on Reddit by username, ‘r/aww’, the video shows a human lifting the adorable kitten when the cat mom seems to get uneasy and gets back her child, being protective for it. The uploader of the video has termed the elder cat as “A caring mom cat”. 

Cat mom shows love for her kitten

The small video clip shows a human who playfully tries to take away the kitten. As soon as the human lifts up the kitten in his hands, the cat mom gets uncomfortable and starts clinging to its kitten. Very soon, the cat mom gets hold of her beloved kitten and hugs it tightly while laying on the bed. Towards the end of the video, the cat mom can be seen repeatedly licking its kitten, trying to show her affection. 

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Uploaded on October 13, the video has managed to gather 91 per cent upvotes. The video has over 520K views. Netizens bombarded the comment section on seeing the love of the cat mom. Recalling one's own experience, a Reddit user wrote, "When I was a kid and touched my cat’s kittens she would give me a few seconds before calmly removing them from me. I should’ve taken the hint, I was lucky to have such a tolerant cat". Another person wrote, "The car doesn't like it obviously but most have seen what a cat, or most mother animals for that matter, can do if they really don't want something to happen, really fight for their offspring, etc. So I guess this is more like your Mom telling your uncle off for giving you a sip of beer". 

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(Image Credits: Reddit/r/aww)



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