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Fact Check: Are Chinese People Not Allowed In Supermarkets In Australia?

Fact check: A recent viral video claimed that Chinese people are not being allowed in supermarkets in Australia due to the coronavirus outbreak.

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The ongoing coronavirus pandemic originated from the city of Wuhan in China and spread across the world in a few months. Globally, the cases of coronavirus have now crossed 2 million and is expected to go further. In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, a number of Chinese people across the globe have been subjected to racism. Whereas, Australia has recorded over 6 thousand cases and has reportedly shut down all non-essential businesses in order to flatten the coronavirus curve. 

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Claim - 

A recent viral video on the internet is claiming that people of the Chinese nationality were asked to leave a supermarket in Australia. The video showcased to people almost getting physical in anger. The video is only 42 seconds long and features two men getting in a verbal argument after which the supermarket stores employee asks the Chinese man along with his woman to leave. Check out the video below -  

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As per reports, the feud going on in the video is actually over baby formula and not because of the person's nationality. In some specific stores across Australia, people can only buy a certain amount/.number of products in order to discourage hoarding of goods and maintain the availability of products for people. In the video, it can be clearly seen that the Chinese couple had four tins in their hand, each of baby formula. When confronted, the Chinese man got infuriated and asked the person to mind his own business which led to a heated argument. The Chinese couple was eventually escorted out of the supermarket by security. 

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Origin -

The video is being circulated on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. A number of people shared the video without knowing about what is actually going on the video. Whereas some people also made racist remarks saying 'It has started'. Check it out below -  

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Google Trends analysis -

As the video claiming Chinese people are not allowed in Australian supermarkets started going viral, a number of people searched to find the truth behind this story on their own. This resulted in a surge of Google searches for the same. Check it out below - 

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