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Fact Check: Does Vitamin D Protect From Coronavirus? Find Out

Fact Check: Claims circulating on social media say that Vitamin D is the key to the cure of coronavirus. Read to know whether this is a true statement or false.

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The virus COVID-19 has been slowly gripping the nations of the world and has affected a large number of the population. Scientists around the world are trying to find the cure or vaccine for the virus while the doctors are stressing on maintaining social distancing. There have been many rumours that are passing around that Vitamin D helps with the coronavirus cure.

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A claim that has been making rounds on the internet says that Vitamin D is a crucial element in order to cure coronavirus. These also talk about how one needs to increase the intake of vitamin D and of food items containing the same. The backing to this claim is that Vitamin D boosts immunity and thus helps in coronavirus.

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While Vitamin D is not a cure for coronavirus, it helps in boosting the immunity system of the body. This helps the body to have greater strength and energy, which in turn helps in reducing the risk of getting a respiratory infection. Since COVID-19 is known to attack the respiratory system of the body, a strong system will be able to easily resist the effects of this deadly virus.

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Vitamin D helps in boosting immunity, thus making the body strong and healthy

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The claims and rumours that Vitamin D helps in the fight against coronavirus are being shared on various social media platforms. As per a research done by Dr Gareth Davies (PhD), Dr Joanna Byers (MBChB), Dr Attila R Garami (MD, PhD) from the UK, Vitamin D plays a key role in treating patients of coronavirus as it helps to strengthen the respiratory system and boosts immunity. It can also help prevent from extracting COVID-19. Another study in Trinity College Dublin also talked about how Vitamin D plays a critical role in preventing respiratory infections, reducing the use of antibiotics and also boosting the immune system. 

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