Current Affairs 2020, 6th March: National And International Questions


Attempt the quiz below as on March 6th, 2020 that is based on national and international current affairs 2020 which are based on significant events of the world

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The world is teeming with people who generate news, and updates about the most important events in the world. Having this kind of General Knowledge and being up-to-date with the current affairs can also help a person in competitive exams. The following quiz questions are based on India and the world's general knowledge. Candidates can attempt the quiz today for their exams. Below are the daily current affairs 2020 quiz questions that will help the candidates appearing the competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC, Railways and other government jobs. 

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Here are the questions:

1.    Which Bank has announced an aid of up to $ 12 Billion to combat coronavirus outbreak?

  • IMF
  • World Bank
  • ADB
  • AIIB

2.    Who has been named chairman of the national selection panel by the BCCI’s Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) in Mumbai?

  • Sunil Joshi
  • Madan Lal
  • Sulakshana Naik
  • Manu Sawhney

3. To which city has the Badminton Asia Championship been moved out of due to former being the Coronavirus outbreak epicentre?

  • Hangzhou
  • Nagoya
  • Manila
  • Birmingham

4.     How much amount has been infused by NABARD in the rural banking system during the current fiscal?

  • Rs. 1.46 Lakh crore 
  • Rs. 2.83 Lakh Crore
  • Rs. 1.60 Lakh Crore
  • None of the above

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5. Shafali Verma is related to which sports?

  • Cricket
  • Wushu
  • Chess
  • Tennis

6. 68th All India Police Athletic Championship-2019 began in which state?

  • Mizoram
  • Assam
  • Haryana
  • Andhra Pradesh

7. With which country, Cabinet has approved the MoU for cooperation in the field of Health?

  • Togo
  • Benin
  • Cote d’Ivoire
  • Niger

8. In which city will India Pharma & India Medical Device 2020 Conference will be held?

  • New Delhi
  • Kochi
  • Gandhinagar
  • Rajkot

9. Union Cabinet has approved the mega consolidation of ten PSBs into four. The amalgamation would be effective from which day?

  • 1.4.2020
  • 1.4.2021
  • 1.4.2022
  • 1.4.2023

10. In which city, “Pragyan Conclave 2020”, Indian Army International Seminar commenced?

  • Chennai
  • New Delhi
  • Kolkatta
  • Mumbai

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1.Answer- World Bank

World Bank President David Malpass said that the goal is to provide fast, effective action to combat the Coronavirus outbreak.

2.Answer- Sunil Joshi

Sunil Joshi was named chairman of the national selection panel by the BCCI's Cricket Advisory Committee (CAC) in Mumbai. 

3.Answer- Manila

The place where it was to be held was Wuhan, considered the epicentre of Coronavirus.

4.Answer- ₹1.46 Lakh Crore

5.Answer- Cricket

6.Answer- Haryana

68th All India Police Athletic Championship-2019 started at Bhanu in Panchkula District of Haryana.

7.Answer- Cote d’Ivoire

Cote d’Ivoire is located on the south of West Africa. The official language of the country is French.

8.Answer - Gandhinagar

9.Answer- 1.4.2020

10.Answer- New Delhi

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