GK Questions March 6th, 2020: National And International Quiz Questions 


Here is the list as of March 6, 2020 gk questions that candidates can refer while preparing for their exams. For gk today read on to know more.

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The world is teeming with people who generate news, and updates about the most important events in the world. Having this kind of General Knowledge (GK) and being up-to-date with the current affairs can also help a person in competitive exams. The following quiz questions are based on India and the world's general knowledge. Candidates can attempt the quiz today for their exams. Below are the daily General Knowledge 2020 quiz questions that will help the candidates appearing the competitive exams like UPSC, MPSC, Railways and other government jobs. 

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Here are the questions of gk in English:

1.    World Hearing Day (WHD) was observed on --------.

  • 1st March
  • 2nd March
  • 3rd March
  • 4th March

2.    Which of the following has become the first country in the world with a free public transport system?

  • Luxembourg
  • France
  • Vatican City
  • Saint Lucia

3.    Which of the following country will lead the science, technology, and innovation sector in BIMSTEC?

  • Sri Lanka
  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Myanmar

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4.    All level crossings on National Highways will be replaced by over/under bridges under ----------.

  • Jan Setu scheme
  • Setu Bharatam scheme
  • Setu Samundram scheme
  • Sugam Marg scheme

5.    Who among the following has setup sets up India’s first women’s travel company in Ladakh?

  • Rebecca
  • Thinlas Chorol
  • Rachel Atherton
  • Micayla Gatto

6.    After the approval of the FDI policy on civil aviation, Non-Resident Indians can acquire up to ---------- equity in Air India.

  • 50 per cent
  • 70 per cent
  • 90 per cent
  • 100 per cent

7.    Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India, IRDAI has asked insurance companies to design policies to cover -------.

  • Swine Flu
  • Coronavirus
  • Bird Flu
  • HIV

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8. Who among the following has been appointed as the new Finance Secretary?

  • Aruna Sundarajan
  • Hasmukh Adhia
  • Ajay Bhushan Pandey
  • Ajay Narayan Jha

9. Who among the following has become the second Indian batsman after Mithali Raj to top the women’s T20 International rankings?

  • Harmanpreet Kaur
  • Smriti Mandhana
  • Shafali Verma
  • Punam Raut

10. In March 2020, Sanjay Kumar Panda has been appointed as India’s Ambassador to ----------.

  • Iran
  • Turkey
  • Cuba
  • Brazil


1.Answer- 3rd March

World Hearing Day raises awareness on how to prevent deafness and hearing loss.

2.Answer- Luxembourg

This scheme was announced in 2018. 

3.Answer- Sri Lanka

4.Answer- Setu Bharatam scheme

5.Answer- Thinlas Chorol

6.Answer- 100 per cent

The Cabinet approved Foreign Direct Investment, FDI policy on civil aviation. Non-Resident Indians can acquire up to 100 per cent equity in Air India under the automatic route.

7.Answer- Coronavirus

8.Answer- Ajay Bhushan Pandey

9.Answer- Shafali Verma

10.Answer- Turkey

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