PM Modi Advises Students: "Academic Performance Does Not Define Success In Life"


PM Modi said we no longer live in an era that defines academic performance as the hallmark of success and advised students that exams do not define success.

Written By Gloria Methri | Mumbai | Updated On:
PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was faced with a question regarding the importance of examination by a student and PM answered that we no longer live in the era that defines academic marks as the path-breaker of success. PM Modi advised students not to use exams as a benchmark to work towards anything. 

Noting the academic performances of successful people such as Bill Gates, Thomas Eddison, Mark Zuckerberg, Tenth standard student Mayank, from Uttarakhand, asked Prime Minister Modi during the 'Pariksha pe Charcha' address whether a successful life is defined by the academic marks scored by children. He asked PM Modi, "how much should children focus on scoring good marks in exams?"

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Prime Minister answered: "Students are continuously faced by the pressure to perform well because we are unknowingly heading towards a path which leads to a turning point that defines success and failure based on particular academic scores."

"Parents also aim to motivate their children to score better in academics at every stage of life. This may be true in a different era, but today, the world has changed drastically. Possibilities have increased. Academic performances alone are not detrimnetal to life. The same way a certain examination is not the answer to eveything. It is just a stage of life," PM Modi added.

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PM's message to parents

Prime Minister Narendra Modi urged parents not to create an atmosphere of fear for children which makes them feel, 'If not this, then nothing. Scoring well is a very good thing. But not scoring well, does not mean that you have lost the world', PM said. 'This thought is invalid in today's era. There is an ocean of opportunities, you can enter in any field of life.'

Taking the example of a farmer, Prime Minister said a farmer may be deprived of school education, but he learns by himself, and gains experience, adopts technology, changes the method of farming, modernizes it, and makes life wonderful. 

"This is why, I would clarify that although exams are very important, it does not imply that exams are everything in life," PM said. 

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