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IAF's Balakot Airstrike Proof Out: Here Are The Proof-seekers And Doubt-mongers Who Questioned The Forces

Written By Monica Aggarwal | Mumbai | Published:

In a major blow to the Opposition, Republic Bharat on Wednesday accessed final visual proof of the accuracy of IAF's precision strike against the Jaish terror base camp in Pakistan's Balakot on February 26. The Before and After satellite images show six missile impacts which destroyed multiple locations of the JeM terror camps in Balakot.

The Opposition has been questioning the Centre for proofs of the IAF air strike which blasted the largest terror camp of Jaish-e-Mohammad in Pakistan on February 26. Congress leaders including Navjot Singh Sidhu questioned the strikes as he posted a tweet on social media, asking for the proof that terrorists were killed in the IAF air strike, by saying "were you uprooting terrorists or trees?"

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PDP chief Mehbooba Mufti also made a hue and cry over the “ambiguity” of the air strikes and said “we have every right to question the credibility of the Balakot operation”. Even as PM Modi requested the opposition to not question the credibility of the air strikes conducted by Indian Air Force in Pakistan, Mufti went on a rampage on social media demanding the Indian government to provide evidence of the same.

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While continuing politicisation of the air strike, the senior Congress leader Kapil Sibal went onto cite foreign media reports, putting more trust in the international media above the forces. 

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On Saturday, Digvijaya Singh had drawn a parallel with the US' operation in Pakistan to kill Osama Bin laden

"I am not raising questions on the operation, but this the technical age and satellite pictures are possible. Like USA had given sothe lid proof of the Osama operation to the world, we should also do it for our air strike," Digvijaya Singh had said. 

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said lives of jawans are much more valuable than electoral politics, but the nation has a right to know what actually happened at Balakot in Pakistan following the IAF's airstrike there. Citing foreign media reports that not much damage was done by the Indian Air Force's pre-emptive strike on terror camps at Balakot, she said, "The Force should be given an opportunity to come up with facts."

"After the air strikes, we were told there were 300 deaths, 350 deaths. But I read reports in the New York Times and the Washington Post which said no human was killed. Another foreign media report said only one person was injured," Banerjee had said.

Now that the ultimate proof is out in the open showing the destruction of the JeM terror camps by the Indian Air Force, will the doubt-mongers and proof seekers apologize.  

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The questioning and doubts from the Opposition came in despite the Indian Air Force giving clear statements about the air strike on the JeM-LeT-HM's Balakot terror camp. Addressing a joint-briefing on March 4 of the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force, Air Vice Marshal RGK Kapoor had said:

"There is fairly credible evidence with us which proves that there was damage to the camps. Weapons hit the intended target and that they caused the damage that was intended."

Silencing the proof seekers who had latched on to Pakistan's claim that the Indian Air Force's strike on Pak's terror camps caused no casualties, IAF Chief BS Dhanoa, at a press briefing in Coimbatore on March 4, also confirmed that the Air Force had hit its target, as intended.

"The target has been completely amplified by the Foreign Secretary, and of course, if we plan to hit the target, we hit the target. Otherwise, why would he have responded? If we had dropped bombs in the jungle, there is no need for him to respond", Air Force Chief BS Dhanoa said.

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On the day of the attack, i.e. February 26, at about 0300 hours - keeping in mind a window of least resistance of the Pakistani Air Force - a number of aircraft - 1 Embraer AEW-145, 1 IL-78 mid-air refueller, 16 Mirage 2000s and 4 SU-30s - took off from four Air Force bases. The strike at Balakot took place between 3:45 am and 3:53 am.

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