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India Celebrates 73rd Army Day By Honouring Bravehearts; List Of Award Recipients Here

As part of the Indian Army Day celebrations, Gallantry Awards and Sena Medals have been presented to the soldiers. India is celebrating its 73rd Army Day.

Army Day

India celebrated its 73rd Army Day to salute its brave soldiers and to commemorate the handing over of the command to the Indian Army from the British in the hands of India's first Commander-in-Chief, Field Marshal M.K. Cariappa on 15th January 1949.

He adopted the slogan 'Jail Hindi' which means 'Victory of India'.

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The event started with a wreath-laying ceremony at the National War Memorial in New Delhi where the Chief of Army Staff, Chief of Naval Staff, Chief Of Air Force and Cheif of Defence Staff paid tributes to the fallen heroes. On Army Day, Indian Army is paying homage to the 100 soldiers and officers who sacrificed their lives in 2020 in different operations including the Galwan valley clash in Eastern Ladakh.

As part of the Indian Army Day celebrations, Gallantry Awards and Sena Medals have been presented to the soldiers. This year, in 2021, India is celebrating its 73rd Army Day.

Indian Army Day is observed across the nation with several programmes including parades and other military shows. Although celebrations take place across India, the main parade of Army Day is held in Cariappa Parade Ground at Delhi Cantonment.

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Brave heroes were awarded Sena Medals and unit Citations

  • Lt.Col Archit Goswamy,Sena Medal
  • Major G Balaji Niranjan Sena medal
  • Major Sachin Andotra , Sena Medal
  • Major Aman Singh, Sena Medal
  • Major Kunal Thackeray, Sena Medal
  • Major Abhishek Katoch, Sena Medal
  • Hav Pawar Vikas Basant Sena Medal
  • Hav surender Singh Rautela, Sena Medal
  • LNK Rajpal Sena Medal
  • Major Ketan Sharma, Sena Medal, Posthumous
  • Smt IRA Mandar Sharma received
  • Nb Sb Shivank Gyarson Sena Medal Posthumous
  • Smt. Tanzing Wangmo recieved
  • Naik Sandeep Singh Sena medal Posthumous, Smt Geeta received
  • Sepoy Rambir, Sena Medal Posthumous, Smt Neetu received
  • Grenadier Hari Bhaker, Sena Medal Posthumous, Smt Kamla Devi mother received

As part of the main parade in Cariappa Ground, military hardware, numerous contingents and combats were displayed.
Indian Army Chief General MM Naravane said the army is indebted to the soldiers who made Supreme sacrifice for the nation. He also said, "The Army is taking concrete steps towards its modernisation. Under emergency & fast-track schemes, Army procured equipment worth about Rs 5,000 crores and signed contracts worth Rs 13,000 crores in the last year under capital procurement".General Narawane also said Indian forces are trying to resolve the LAC issue with China through dialogue.

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The Major Highlights of the Army Day Parade

1.Upgraded Schilka Weapon System Commanded by Captain Preeti Chaudhary of 140 AD Regiment (Self Propelled).

2. Samvijay Electronic Warfare System is of Electronic Warfare Battalion commanded by Captain Shubham Sharma.

3. Bridge Laying tanks T-72 of 9 Engineer Regiment and 119 Aslt Engineer Regiment led by Capt Sachit Sharma.

4. Pinaka Multi Launcher Rocket System is commanded by Captain Vibhor Gulati of 841 Rocket Regiment.

5. The contingent mounted on the horses of the 61 Cavalry led by Captain Deepanshu Sheoran.

6. The marching contingent of the elite JAT Regiment led by Captain Risabh Singh Sambyal.

7. Contingent of the Garhwal Rifles led by Captain Umesh Chandra Fulara.

8. The marching contingent of the Mahar Regiment led by Lieutenant Subhayu Bose of 3rd Battalion The Mahar Regiment.

9. The Massed Pipes and Drums led by Nb Sub Pradishan of Madras Regimental Centre.

10. The Massed Military bands led by Sub Parvinder Singh of SIKHLI Regimental Centre playing the tune ‘The Rajasthani Troop’’.

11. The marching contingent of the Jammu and Kashmir Rifles led by Major Harish Thakur of 1th Battalion of The Jammu and Kashmir Rifles Regiment.

12. The marching contingent of the Bengal Sappers led by Major Piyush Sharma, Sena Medal of 69 Engineer Regiment.

13. The marching contingent of the (Territorial Army), MADRAS led by Major Manish Verma of 172 TA MADRAS

14. The detachment of the Main Battle Tank T-90 (Bhishm) commanded by Captain Karanveer Singh Bhangoo of 54 Armoured Regiment.

15. BMP 2K commanded by Captain Akshay Rastogi of 3rd Battalion Brigade of the GUARDS.

16. The detachment of the BRAHMOS Missile System commanded by Captain Quamrul Zaman of 861 Missile Regiment.

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