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Jyotiradtiya Scindia Joins Janta Curfew With Family As They 'clap Against Coronavirus'

Taking to the microblogging site, Jyotiradtiya Scindia shared a video of him standing in the balcony along with his family and clapping to show gratitude.

Janta Curfew

BJP leader Jyotiradtiya Scindia on Sunday extended his support to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's call for Janta curfew. Taking to Twitter, Scindia shared a video of himself standing in the balcony along with his family and clapping to show gratitude. He captioned the video saying, 'Clapping against coronavirus!...'

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Earlier, he also urged everyone in his state to participate and support the Prime Minister's call. "I support the Prime Minister's call to win the war and avoid infection against Corona. I also request all citizens of Madhya Pradesh and the country that on 22 March, participate in the Janta Curfew suggested by PM Modi and contribute to the country's war against this infection," tweeted Scindia. 

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India observes Janta curfew

A 'Janta Curfew' was imposed on Sunday from 7 am to 9 pm in wake of rising cases of Coronavirus in the country. The aim was to promote social distancing and thus curbing the spread of deadly COVID-19 disease. PM Modi in his address on March 19 talked extensively about the challenges caused due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He stressed that “resolve” and “restraint” were the two most important things to be followed. Citizens across the country followed PM Modi's instruction to stay inside their homes and contributed to the nation's fight against the pandemic. 

“With the Janta Curfew in force, people should move out of their homes, avoid taking the roads, not gather in societies and stay at home. However, people associated with important duties can go out. The success of Janta Curfew on March 22 and its experience will prepare us for the upcoming challenges. I also urge the state government to ensure that citizens follow the Janta Curfew," PM Modi had said.

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Coronavirus in India

At least 396 confirmed cases of the virus have been reported in India with seven reported deaths. Multiple states across the country have taken up measures to contain the spread of the virus and have ordered a complete lockdown at least till March 31, with an extension likely. Numerous states have announced lockdowns till at least March 31, suspending all public transport services and non-essential services. The state governments were advised to issue appropriate orders to allow only essential services to operate in the 75 districts which have reported confirmed cases or casualties relating to COVID 19. 

The Coronavirus Crisis

Presently, there are around 336,075 confirmed cases of COVID-19 which has led to the death of around 14,613 people. Meanwhile, around 97,636 have reportedly been recovered. The hardest-hit region, after China, is Italy, Iran and South Korea, where the number of cases is rising by the hour.

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