Abhishek Singhvi Slams PM Modi, BJP For Using "victim Card" Amid CAA Row

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After PM Modi's speech on Sunday, Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi took to Twitter on Monday and slammed PM Modi for playing the "victimhood card"

Written By Rishabh Mishra | Mumbai | Updated On:

After Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rousing speech at the Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on Sunday, Congress leader Abhishek Manu Singhvi took to Twitter on Monday morning and slammed him for playing the "victimhood card". Abhishek Singhvi, in his tweet, said that  PM Modi is well equipped with the skill of victimising himself. He accused BJP of using the victim card as a modus operandi after committing sins. Have a look at his tweet.

Abhishek Manu Singhvi slams BJP, PM Modi

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PM Modi on CAA at Ramlila Maidan

The anguish on false rumours over CAA 

PM Modi while addressing the people on Sunday urged them to avoid spreading rumours over the Citizenship Amendment Act. He said, “I want to ask the people who are spreading false rumours about CAA, did we ask anyone about their religion or political beliefs when we took the decision to authorize the unauthorized colonies in Delhi? The country won't accept the false claims that I am taking away peoples' rights. I challenge these false rumours spreading people to find partiality in any decision of mine. Why are so many people lying then? Why are they misleading the country? Why are they misleading the Muslims of the country?” 

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Damage to public property 

“There have been attacks on school buses, trains, motorcycles, cars. Small shops have been burnt. They have reduced the government property raised out of money of honest taxpayers to rubble. The country is well aware of the intentions of these people. I want to tell people that if you don’t like Modi, abuse me, oppose me, burn my effigy. But do not burn the wealth of the nation, the rickshaw and the house of the poor," he added. 

Congress role in NRC 

“The 130 crore Indians have no connection to the CAB. A lot of lies are being spread about NRC as well. It was made during the Congress regime. Where were the protesters then? We did not make it, nor did we bring it to the Parliament or announce it. I request the youth of the country to read the Act in detail and not to fall prey to the rumours of detention centres being spread by Urban Naxals and Congress. It's a lie and is dividing the nation.The Muslims of India don't need to worry at all. The CAB and the NRC will not apply to the Muslims of the country. It's a white lie.”  

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Support for CAA 

“Mahatma Gandhi had said that the Sikhs and Hindus living in Pakistan will always be welcome in India. This Act is in line with the promise the government of India made in 1947. Now that we're fulfilling the decades-old promise, why are they protesting against it? Former PM Manmohan Singh said in the Parliament that we should provide citizenship to the refugees coming from Bangladesh who has been religiously persecuted. They turned overnight. All the love and sensibility blew out of thin air. The votes were in danger and thus, these political leaders had to change their tune.” 

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