'Stay Indoors!': Amul Shares Message As Companies Opt For Work From Home Amid Coronavirus

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To depict the trend of work from home amid coronavirus scare, Amul shared a cartoon showing the famous brand mascot sit on a sofa and work on a computer

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Amid the fear of a large scale outbreak of coronavirus in the country, advisories have been issued by various state governments to companies to allow employees to work from home in order to avoid transmission. Many public, as well as private entities, have already asked employees to stay home and work. India's dairy giant Amul, known for its caricatures on major news-related events, came up with their topical caricature on the same.

Amul on Tuesday shared a cartoon showing the famous brand mascot sit on a sofa and work on a computer. A message accompanying the Amul Girl says, "Home for breakfast, lunch and dinner? So are we".

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Salaamul Namaste

Last week, Amul had shared another caricature with two people greeting each other with a 'Namaste'. Amul wrote: 'Salaamul Namaste' goes global due to coronavirus. After a boost through the spread of yoga several decades earlier, the traditional form of greeting is back in vogue because of COVID-19.

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'Better saaf than sorry'

Amul had also depicted the importance of precautionary care in order to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. The safest way to prevent encountering the virus is to regularly wash your hands with soap. Amul's latest advert played on the common 'Better safe than sorry' phrase twisting it to 'Better saaf (clean) than sorry'. 

Coronavirus outbreak

COVID-19 pandemic has so far infected over 1.8 lakh people worldwide while nearly 7,000 have died. In India, the number of confirmed cases are being reported to be 141, with two deaths. The list is topped by Maharashtra with 41 cases, followed by Kerala, 26.

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