Delhi Court Allows Nirbhaya Convicts' Lawyer To Take A Photocopy Of Convict's Notebook

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Delhi Court allowed Nirbhaya rape convicts’ lawyer AP Singh to take a photocopy of painting and notebook titled 'Darinda' written by convict Vinay in prison.

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The Patiala House Court in Delhi allowed the lawyer of Nirbhaya rape convicts’, AP Singh to take a photocopy of painting and notebook titled 'Darinda' written by convict Vinay in prison. This comes after AP Singh filed a petition in the court seeking directions to Tihar Jail authorities to provide documents needed to file curative and mercy petitions for three of the four convicts. Even though the court allowed AP Singh to take a photocopy of the items he requested, they disposed of the application seeking other documents by observing that no further direction is required in the matter. 

Patiala House Court on AP Singh’s plea 

Talking about the jail authorities the court said, “The jail authorities have already complied with the request made by convicts by supplying the documents, whatever lying with them and today also brought, paintings, diary (Darinda) for supply. In view thereof, no further directions for the supply of any documents required”. Furthermore, the court directed the authorities to hand over a copy of the paintings and the notebook to the counsel for convicts in the court today itself. 

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AP Singh’s petition 

While arguing in the court, the convicts’ lawyer AP Singh said that he had received some documents from the jail authorities late on Friday. However, he claimed that the 160-page personal diary of convict Vinay and some medical documents have still not been forwarded. He added that he needs the documents to file a mercy petition on the convict's behalf. 

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The public prosecutor Irfan Ahmad, in response to AP Singh’s assertions, accused him of using "delaying tactics" and said that all the relevant documents have been sent to the lawyer of the convict. "We just have one painting and one dairy written by Vinay. The title of that dairy is Darinda. We are ready to supply these documents right now," Ahmad told the court. 

Moreover, AP Singh while continuing his arguments said that claimed that convict Vinay is not well and needs medical treatment. "Jail authorities are going to hang four men and that is going to be history. I plead for better treatment. Earlier Pawan (another convict in the case) was brutality beaten in Mandoli jail," said AP Singh. 

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Nirbhaya’s mother on convicts’ delay tactics 

After the Nirbhaya rape convicts' lawyer AP Singh moved to the Patiala House Court on Friday stating non-cooperation from the Tihar jail authorities, Asha Devi reiterated that the convicts’ claims are baseless and its “completely false”. Making a point that the convicts cannot be devoid of papers and documents as they have been fighting the case for seven years, Asha Devi said that this is another delay tactic used by the lawyers. She said that the convicts are just playing with the system and the law.   

Reacting to the new issue for which the convicts' lawyer AP Singh moved to the Patiala House Court, Asha Devi said, “See, this is the new pattern that they (convicts) are following. They want to somehow move the death sentence. We have been fighting for seven years and they don’t have forms and documents? How can one believe that they don’t have notices and papers from the court and the jail administration? This is yet another delay tactic that they are using. I don’t believe that they don’t have the papers, this is completely false.” 

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