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Congress Now Alleges BJP & RSS Link To Communist Party Of China; Fires Back 10 Questions

Congress stated that BJP President JP Nadda has ‘lost his political balance’ in his failing attempts to distract people from the issues of national security.


The political blame game between BJP and Congress has intensified with both parties leveling various allegations over each other amid India’s border standoff with China. On Saturday, BJP president JP Nadda had posed 10 questions to the Congress, claiming that the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation (RGF) took hefty donations from major Indian corporates, in the name of 'poor people.' 

Reacting to Nadda’s allegations, Congress stated that the BJP president has ‘lost his political balance’ in his failing attempts to distract people from the issues of national security.

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"BJP President, Shri JP Nadda has lost his political balance in his flailing attempts at distraction and diversion from the issues of national security and territorial integrity. All this is being done so that the Indian National Congress and our fellow countrymen stop questioning the Modi Government on the Chinese transgressions on our motherland," Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala said in a statement.

He further said that the BJP is crafting new conspiracy every day, to spread disinformation and to bury the ‘incompetence and failure’ of the Modi Government in defending the borders. Sujrewala also stated that the BJP leadership is afraid of the questions being asked on its deep-rooted connections with China and the CCP.

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Congress poses 10 questions to BJP

The Congress spokesperson then posed 10 questions to the ruling party, over its alleged ‘connection’ with the Communist Party of China.

  1. "What is the historical relationship between BJP and CCP, as spoken by former BJP President, Rajnath Singh during the visit of a CCP delegation on January 30, 2007, which he reiterated during a meeting with Chinese party members on October 17, 2008?
  2. "Why was a delegation of RSS invited by the CCP in January 2009 despite it not being a political party and what discussions were held on Arunachal Pradesh and Tibet?"
  3. "Why did former BJP President, Nitin Gadkari go to China on a five-day visit on January 19, 2011 at the invitation of the Communist Party of China?”
  4. “Why did Union Home Minister Amit Shah send a delegation of MPs/MLAs in November 2014 to China for a week-long study in "The Party School" of the CCP?”
  5. "Isn't PM Modi the only Prime Minister to have had 18 meetings with the Chinese Premier in six years? Has his 'Jhula Diplomacy' worked?"
  6. "Will the BJP, like RGF, ask the RSS to make public the list of all its donors and the amounts received including from all foreign sources including individuals, entities, organisations, and governments?
  7. Will the BJP, like RGF, ask the Vivekananda Foundation and the India Foundation to make public the list of all its donors including international donors (including foreign individuals), companies, entities, organisations including those of Chinese origin if any?"
  8. "Will the BJP disclose the source of funding, amounts received, name of donors for "Overseas Friends of BJP" ('OF-BJP')? How much amount has been received by OF-BJP from 'Overseas Friends of BJP-China and Hong Kong' and when? What is the connection of Shri Rajkumar Naraindas Sabnani alias Raju Sabnani with OF-BJP?”
  9. "Will the ruling party declare the name of donors from whom it has received thousands of crores in donations through electoral bonds".
  10. "Has the BJP/RSS received funding from international foundations, funds, entities, and organisations? If yes, how much amount has been received by BJP-RSS over the last 6 years by international funding and donors?"

Randeep Sujrewala then urged the ruling party to ‘rise from their fears, defend the nation, and support our armed forces’.

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