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Rajinikanth 'pained' By Insistence Of Fans, Reaffirms He'll Never Take Political Plunge

Superstar Rajinikanth reaffirmed his decision to not take the political plunge and appealed to his fans to maintain calm after his followers staged a protest


Kollywood superstar Rajinikanth reaffirmed his decision to not take the political plunge and appealed to his fans to maintain calm after his followers staged a protest at Valluvar Thottam on Sunday against his move to not enter politics. A large number of fans gathered at Valluvar Thootam in Chennai on Sunday to protest against Rajinikanth's decision and to appeal to their 'Thalaivar' to take the political plunge. Issuing his first response after the protests, superstar Rajinikanth thanked his fans for organizing the protest peacefully but categorically stated that he had made up his mind to not enter politics at present. 

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Despite a warning from the Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) asking their cadre to not participate in the protests in Chennai, Rajinikanth fans flocked to Valluvar Thottam to participate in the protests. Penning a letter to his fans, Rajinikanth said that he was hurt by the move of his fans to protest despite him making the decision to not take the political plunge citing health issues. Further, Rajinikanth said that certain members who were ousted from positions in RMM along with current office-bearers participated in the protests aimed at urging Rajinikanth to reconsider his decision and termed their disobedience as 'painful'. The Kollywood megastar appealed to his fans to not torment him to take the political plunge and affirmed that his decision was final.  

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"To the fans who are the gods who make me live, some people have held a show in Chennai, along with many others who have been removed from the post of Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM) and removed from office, to reconsider why I did not come to politics.  My compliments for treating me with restraint and dignity.  However, it is painful to disobey the orders of the leadership.  My heartfelt thanks to the people who accepted the leadership's request and did not attend the event.  I have already explained in detail the reasons why I cannot come to politics now.  I have stated my decision.  I humbly ask that no one should come to me even after this and that no one should torment me further by holding events like this.  Long live the Tamil people!  Tamil Nadu to develop !!  Jai Hind !!!  Sincerely", Rajinikanth wrote in his letter addressed to his followers. 

Rajinikanth tells followers his decision is final

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Superstar Rajinikanth took his fans by surprise after he announced his decision to not take the political plunge on December 29 citing health concerns. The Kollywood megastar was scheduled to announce the launch of his party on December 31 and his party on January subsequently; however, he withdrew from the political race months ahead of the Tamil Nadu Assembly elections. Rajinikanth indicated he did not want to sound chivalrous by saying he will join politics despite his severe health concerns and that he did not want to "make a victim" of his supporters now. "Therefore, I inform with great regret I am unable to come to politics by floating a political party. Only I know the pain behind making this announcement," the 70-year-old actor said.

The decision by Rajinikanth to not enter politics had come after he spent two days in hospital due to fluctuating blood pressure and exhaustion. The actor had been shooting for 'Annaatthe' in Hyderabad when he was hospitalized. The shoot halted after crew members tested positive for COVID-19, as he'd mentioned in his letter, though he tested negative.

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