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CAA: Yogi Questions Priyanka Gandhi Amid Her UP Visits, 'Why Sympathizing With Rioters?'

Slamming Priyanka Gandhi Vadra repeated visits to anti-CAA protestors' homes, UP CM Yogi Adityanath questioned her sympathy towards rioters who vandalised


Slamming Congress UP (East) General secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra repeated visits to anti-CAA protestors' homes, UP CM Yogi Adityanath, on Saturday, took to Twitter to question her sympathy towards rioters. He stated that those who were destroying public property were being supported by the Congress. Furthermore, he warned Gandhi that the nation was watching her politics while assuring that the state will not spare vandals.

Yogi slams Priyanka Gandhi's riot sympathy

Priyanka Vadra makes unscheduled visit to Muzaffarnagar to meet kin of Anti-CAA protesters

Priyanka Gandhi visits Muzaffarnagar

Earlier in the day, Gandhi made an unscheduled visit to Muzaffarnagar to meet the families of victims of the recent violent protests against the amended Citizenship Act. Previously, she had also visited the home of IPS officer SR Darapuri, who was arrested by the police during the Lucknow anti-CAA protests. Bail has been granted to 12 people including Sadar Jafar, SR Darapuri on a personal bond of Rs. 50000 each on Saturday, as per sources.

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Vadra's strangulation claims and police-CRPF denial

During her visit to Lucknow, she claimed that the Uttar Pradesh Police stopped her from meeting the IPS officer Darapuri's family. She claimed that when she tried to go on foot, she was stopped and then attempted to travel on a scooter to the family's house adding that the police physically assaulted me by pulling her and choking her. The Police and the CRPF have refuted these claims saying that her car was moving in an unscheduled route and hence had to be stopped.

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UP govt to make vandals pay

Meanwhile, Adityanath has cracked down heavily on rioters saying  'we will take revenge from them' adding, "Properties of those involved in damaging public assets will be seized and auctioned to compensate for losses. Violence in the name of democracy not acceptable." His government has done the same - detaining  5,500 people and arresting 1100 to date. Moreover, the police have issued notice to over 500 people for allegedly inciting violence and damaging public property.

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