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Building a beautiful home aquarium? Consider keeping these lively and easy to maintain fish

With the right choices and care, your home aquarium can become a nice display of aquatic life. Here are fish that can make your aquarium look beautiful.

Home aquarium
Home aquarium | Image:Unsplash

Creating a home aquarium is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby, and selecting the right fish is crucial for people who are just getting into it. Before selecting fish for your home aquarium, factors such as tank size, water parameters, and the compatibility of different species become important. Additionally, ensuring proper filtration, aeration, and regular maintenance is necessary to create a thriving aquatic environment for your fish. Here's a guide to some popular and suitable fish species that you can keep in a home aquarium.

Betta Fish

Also known as Siamese fighting fish, Betta fish are renowned for their popping colours and intricately designed fins. They are relatively easy to care for and can thrive in smaller aquariums. Keep in mind that male Betta fish should be housed individually to avoid aggressive behaviour.

Betta fish | Image: Unsplash


Guppies are small, lively, and colourful fish, making them a favourite among people maintaining an aquarium for the first time. They are adaptable to various water conditions and coexist well with other peaceful fish. Guppies are known for their active behaviour and are suitable for community tanks.

Neon Tetras

With their stunning iridescent blue and red stripes, Neon Tetras add a vibrant touch to any aquarium. These small, schooling fish are peaceful and thrive in groups. Keep them in a tank with plenty of plants and hiding spots to mimic their natural habitat.

Neon tetras | Image: Unsplash

Corydoras catfish

Corydoras catfish are bottom-dwelling fish known for their playful behaviour and unique appearance. They are excellent tank cleaners, helping to keep the substrate free from debris. Corydoras thrive in groups, so it's recommended to keep them in a community tank.


Goldfish are a classic choice for home aquariums. They come in various shapes, and while they are often associated with small fish-bowls, they actually require ample space and a well-filtered aquarium. Proper care can lead to long and healthy lives for these beautiful fish.

Goldfish | Image: Unsplash


Angelfish are known for their graceful appearance and distinctive finnage. They are suitable for larger aquariums with ample vertical space. Angelfish can be kept in pairs or small groups but may exhibit territorial behaviour during breeding.


Published December 23rd, 2023 at 12:55 IST

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