Photography Hacks For Amazing Outdoor And Indoor Photography


Photography hacks isn't just about clicking pictures on a good camera. There's a lot of finesse attached to it, which makes it an extremely detailed skill.

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photography hacks

If you have purchased a camera for yourself, but cannot seem to get the right shots on it, it will probably be of help if you know some easy photography hacks. There are a lot of aspects to clicking good pictures - the angles, the lighting, the shutter speed, and tonnes of different things. You may not want to learn the professional stuff, but simple hacks and tweaks will provide you with great results.  Here are some popular photography hacks to answer your concern about how to click awesome pictures.

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5 Pro Tips for Clicking the Most Amazing Photos

Use sandwich bags to make your photos blurry

There is something very enigmatic about the blurry effect on pictures- and truth be told, it can be done for absolutely free. All one needs to do is cover the lens of the camera with a sandwich bag before clicking the picture. The results will be hazy perfection.

Create shadows with a tea strainer

If you want shadows in your picture that add a lot of depth to the image, your best choice would be a tea strainer. Holding a strainer above your lens and placing the subject close to it will allow the strainer to cast intricate patterns on it through natural lighting. It is a priceless way to create aesthetic images.

Use images on your laptop for a backdrop

Suppose you have a submission deadline on the charts, but still haven't been able to find the perfect background for your shot. Don't worry- just Google an image that resembles the image you had in mind, place the object carefully in front of your screen, and click. Unfortunately, this hack won't be that effective for human portraits but can work quite well for small, inanimate objects.

Get some pantyhose for a soft-focus filter

Getting a filter was never this easy. To get a soft-focus filter on your lens, wrap a piece of pantyhose over it and hold it in place by using rubber bands. The soft mesh of the material brings an element of diffusion to the picture at practically no extra cost at all.

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Use a plastic cup for macro photography

When you are clicking pictures of something small, such as a small fruit or vegetable, you need macro photography for the best results. However, instead of investing in a special lens for the same, you can use a plastic cup and the regular lens of your camera to get the same results. You just need to place the cup between your subject and lens in such a way that the cup secures both together.

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Clicking amazing pictures is not just related to having a good camera or a mobile phone with a good camera. A person with knowledge of some handy photography hacks can click stunning pictures even with an average camera device. Start implementing the hacks mentioned here and see the results!

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