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Anthony Horowitz Books From The "Alex Rider" Series That You Must Read Before "Nightshade"

Anthony Horowitz and some of his famous books from the "Alex Rider" series that you must read before getting your hands on the latest "Nightshade".

Anthony Horowitz

One of the most anticipated books from the Alex Rider series, "Nightshade", by Anthony Horowitz has finally released online. This was done given the current Coronavirus pandemic the world is currently facing. In light of this new release, let us take a look at the top books from the Alex Rider series that you must read before getting your hands on the latest book.

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Anthony Horowitz books from the "Alex Rider" series that you must read before "Nightshade"

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Published in 2000, Stormbreaker was the first book in the Alex Rider series and was a huge success upon its release. Alex Rider is introduced to the readers and his story revolves around finding the truth about his uncle’s life and death. He is sent on a mission to complete his uncle’s unfinished mission to investigate his newly developed computer called the Stormbreaker. Alex Rider finds out that the Stormbreaker contains a deadly virus and has the purpose of killing innocent school children.

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Skeleton Key

Skeleton Key was one of the most thrilling books of the series according to readers. The story of Alex in this book starts off with people wanting him to be assassinated. Hence Alex is forced to leave the country and is sent to Cuba on another mission with two other agents. He encounters a former Soviet General who has ideas of world domination and nuclear holocaust. This man also tries to adopt Alex Rider.

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Ark Angel

After Alex was nearly killed with a sniper rifle, he is back on his second mission for the CIA. This time, Alex is on a quest to investigate an outer space hotel called the Ark Angel. The man who builds this seems suspicious and hence Alex is sent to investigate the matter. The man then tries to attack the Pentagon and destroy all the files the US has acquired on him. Therefore, Alex Rider is forced to go into outer space and destroy the Ark Angel.


The events of Snakehead take place immediately after the events of Ark Angel. Alex is recruited by the ASIS, which is Australia’s secret service programme. He is tasked with infiltrating an organisation with the name of Snakehead, who has been posing as an Afghan refugee. Alex faces many difficulties and the plot takes several twists and ends with a cliff hanger.

About Nightshade

The new book by Anthony Horowitz was launched on April 2 through a live stream on YouTube, according to a news portal. Anthony Horowitz in this live session read excerpts from the book and also interacted with his fans. Fans could send in their questions to the author by using “#AlexRiderLive”. This is also a special occasion for author Anthony Horowitz as the year 2020 marks the 20th year celebration of Alex Rider.


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