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Books To Read About Doctors & Patients During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Here is a list of books to read and know more about doctors and how they deal with difficult situations in life, patients and diseases such as COVID-19 pandemic

covid-19 pandemic

The profession of doctors and healthcare workers is considered to be one of the noblest of all professions. Various examples of this can be witnessed now when these people are battling the deadly COVID-19 pandemic from the frontlines. They have been dubbed as the COVID-19 warriors. Many authors have paid their tribute to these professionals who risk their lives to save those of others. Here are nine books to read about doctors which will certainly change one's ideas and perspectives about these COVID-19 warriors:

1. Do No Harm


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This book is by Henry Marsh who is a famous neurosurgeon. The book deals with the achievements and shortcomings of his 40-year old career dealing with the matters of the human brain. Each chapter of the book is based on one particular patient and their pathology.

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2. I Shall Not Hate


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This book is based on the heartwrenching story of  Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish's life who was born in a refugee camp in the Gaza strip. He also recounts being the first Palestinian doctor in an Israeli hospital and working for improving women's health conditions. Doctor Izzeldin Abuelaish is also an activist who is working tirelessly to improve Israeli-Palestinian relations after having lost his three daughters to the war. 

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3. This is Going to Hurt


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Doctor Adam Kay is the author of this book which is mostly a journal entry. It narrates the hilarious but challenging experiences during his training to be an OB/GYN. Although the book is a comic one, the underlying message about the terrible treatment and harsh working hours that the young doctors are subjected too is hard to ignore. 

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4. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly


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This book is from the perspective of a patient called Jean Dominique Bauby. Although written in French initially, it was later translated to English also seeing its massive popularity. The book is based on the author's life who had suffered a massive stroke and only being able to move his eyelids, reflected on the various nuances of life and existence. 

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5. When Breath Becomes Air

This book has been written by a neurosurgeon, Doctor Paul Kalanithi. In his narrative, he explains his life of both standing behind the operating table and lying on it. He delves deep into the process of "learning how to die" while keeping his position as a resident doctor on hold. 

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Bonus: Nothing lasts Forever


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Although not written by either a doctor or a patient, this book by best-selling author Sidney Sheldon also brings into perspectives the harrowing experiences faced by doctors, particularly female doctors in the 90s. The story revolves around them and their zeal to prove themselves in a world mostly dominated by men in that time. Even though their stories are different, it gets connected and intertwined by a play of fate. 

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