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Pet Parenting For Cats: Essential Tips To De-stress Your Cats

Pet Parenting can be quite a challenge, and one needs to take care of a lot of things. Read on to know more about ways to de-stress your cat.

Pet Parenting

The environment, be it natural or man-made, has its own triggers that can lead to bubbling stress in humans and in animals alike. Our pet animals are no exception to this rule. Even they feel stressed due to several things that happen around them. We, as humans, also induce a lot of stress in our own pet animals without realising it. Read on to know more about four things that can lead to stress in your pet cat's life: 

Things that can stress your cat 

Loud Noises 

Loud noises are not good for children, elderly and pet animals. Extremely loud noises that one can get from Ganpati pandals can really stress your pet animals, as cats and dogs have a strong sense of hearing. One should try to lower the volumes as much as possible to take care of your pet cat. 

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Avoid strong scents 

Cats and dogs have a strong sense of smell that has been developed over millions of years. But strong scents also end up causing trouble for them. Thus, de-stressing your cat becomes very important. One should avoid strong smells in the house to take better care of their pets. 

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Introducing them to new animals 

Introducing your house pet to new animals and other pets can lead to tension between them. This is due to territorial disputes, an evolutionary trait which is encoded in the DNA of cats. They become very hostile to such situations and can attack without any notice or signs. Thus, as a human, one should handle these situations with the utmost care. 

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Changes can be overwhelming sometimes and not everyone is good with them. One can get very stressed if they are put in a new, uncertain situation. The same goes for animals and especially cats. They like it when they stick to their own schedules. Thus, one should keep things simple for them. 

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