Why Quilted Bags Can Be The Most Useful Accessory In Your Wardrobe


A quilted bag comes in all different patterns and sizes. Many find these bags useful, especially when on short journeys. Here are a few of its benefits.

Written By Akanksha Ghotkar | Mumbai | Updated On:
quilted bag

Quilted bags come in all different shapes and sizes. It is very easy to make them at home too. Quilted bags are made by sewing and stuffing the cloth into diagonal designs. You can make it with many different sizes and designs. Here are the pros of using quilted bags:

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They come in different sizes

Larger the bag, more are the benefits. For e.g., If you are travelling somewhere and need to carry quite a few clothes, then the larger bag is perfect for you. Another size is the medium one. The medium-sized bag can be perfect for day trips - you can also use them to hold the other items like wired headphones, tissues, a small purse and the small bottle of water. The smallest size of the quilted bag is like a pouch in which you can throw in all your make-up brushes, mascara, eyeliner, kajal, lipsticks and more.

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Quilts are lighter

Quilts are generally lighter than any other types of handbags. So it is easier to carry these bags anywhere and everywhere without worrying about the weight. The smaller quilted bags are also good for trekking.

No zipper Issue

With the quilt, there is nothing to snag or wear out. When you use a normal type of bag which has the fabric stitched inside; often when you attempt to zip it, the fabric can get stuck. However, this is another issue you would never face with quilt bags. The fabric of these bags is thick and well stitched, and therefore it does not get stuck in the zip while closing or opening it.

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They are cheaper

Quilted bags are more affordable while travelling because the only thing you will worry about is that the bag will either tear or get misplaced. There is a low chance of the quilted bag getting torn as it is thick and well-stitched. Even if it does happen, you can still afford that as they do not cost too much.

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