Foam Muscle Rollers Effective To Maintain Flexibility During Workout?


Foam muscle rollers have evidently become one of the most popular fitness equipment. Read below to know if the roller is actually good for your flexibility.

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foam muscle rollers

Foam rollers were once used by professional athletes only to relieve muscle pain and spasms. Now, muscle foam rollers have become one of the most significant and important necessities for many people as commercial gyms have made them pretty common. Online platforms like YouYube have made it easier for people to understand how to use foam rollers effectively. But, are these foam rollers any effective? Let's find that out.

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Are foam muscle rollers effective?

Using a foam roller involves applying your own body pressure to a foam cylinder in repetitive movements to exert pressure on the muscle. Though the practice of using foam muscle rollers has become widely accepted and practised now, the scientific evidence to support it reportedly is low. People are well aware of the benefits of working out and stretching but too much of stretching of muscles can actually stand in the way of your workout. A recent study tested the effect of foam rolling on a group of volunteers doing leg extension exercises. The study revealed that the volunteers were able to perform better leg extensions with the use of foam rollers, compared to those who did not use them.

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Foam muscle rollers have also shown signs of being effective in workout recovery. Muscle soreness can hinder with a person's performance in the gym and spoil a person's healthy muscle function. Using foam muscle rollers has reportedly proven to be helpful with muscle recovery. It was previously proven that foam rolling has no negative effect on a person's workout. As per reports, repeated and consecutive use of the foam muscle roller can aid a person's workout and overall flexibility. 

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