Dopamine Fasting And Other Diet Trends That We May Need To Bid Farewell To In 2019


Dopamine fasting, charcoal, etc were all the rage in 2019. But as we enter 2020, here are some health trends that you definitely need to say goodbye to.

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dopamine fasting

2019 has witnessed several food trends that took the health industry by storm. These include charcoal, brands endorsed on social media by celebrities, or nutritional supplements. But there are some trends that we definitely need to stop following as 2019 is coming to an end. Take a look.

Food trends to quit from 2019

1. Charcoal

Activated charcoal took the nutrition food industry by storm. Every food item in certain restaurants saw a certain twist added with a bit of charcoal. But according to a media portal’s report, activated charcoal can be beneficial as a detoxing agent but its overuse can result in digestive tract blockage. So charcoal is definitely something that you need to bid adieu to.

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2. Hydrogen Water

This water is a bit fancier version of normal water. It has added hydrogen molecules. These molecules increase the pH of the water to create alkaline water in an attempt to reduce the acidity in the body. But according to the previously mentioned report, our body can regulate pH naturally. Simply staying hydrated is enough. Hydrogen water does not cause a major change in the amount of hydration but will certainly drain out the money from your bank.

3. Green powder

This is another product that was marketed as a sure shortcut to get all the nutrients present in green vegetables without consuming a single one of them. But according to another media portal’s report, this powder does not even come close to the benefits that green vegetables provide. So it is better to finish off the veggies on your plate rather than believing this marketing scam.

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4. Obsessive Eating

Obsessive eating was one of the major problems that people faced during the year 2019. The advice of eating a healthy and balanced diet turned into following a low carb, diary free, meat-free, gluten-free, non-GMO, macro and micro-calculated diet. But this diet plan went a bit too far as it caused major hormonal imbalances and mental stress.

5. Dopamine fasting

This dopamine fasting trend was born in the silicon valley. The trend basically meant to abstain from any activity that secretes dopamine in your brain. No sex, proper limitations on food, video games, social media, talking, and many other activities that would release dopamine are restricted to help in dopamine fasting. Dopamine fasting is supposed to fix your brain and help you work for prolonged hours, but a media portal's report stated that this claim is completely false and does not have any benefits.

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