Hair Care Tips To Follow To Avoid And Manage Dry Hair At Home


Dry and unmanageable hair is not a pretty sight. Today, we bring you some of the best hair care remedies for dry hair to handle the condition like a pro.

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Many women have hair which happen to be dry and frizzy by nature. Besides, there are many contributors like heat styling, humidity, and even overexposure to the sun that leads to damaged and dry hair for many. And when your hair feels dry to the touch, it may also be brittle and hard to style. But that doesn’t mean that you have to live with the problem as there are a few hair care remedies that you can follow if you wish to reduce the dryness of your hair at the comfort of your home. Listed below are some of the best and inexpensive hair care remedies that will condition your dried out locks, leaving you with gorgeous, healthy hair. 

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Use hot oils

When it comes to managing dry and brittle hair, use of hot oils has always been a popular option to treat and add shine to them. The process is simple, however, make sure that you heat the oil to a point where it is pleasantly warm to the touch and not hot. Now, gently massage it into the hair for a few minutes to stimulate circulation and exfoliate your scalp. You may cover the hair with a warm towel and let it stay for approximately 30 minutes or overnight. You can use a mild shampoo and rinse the hair. Coconut oil works better in cases of extremely dry hair as it has a thick and moisturising consistency. Jojoba and almond oil are also good choices as they tend to be absorbed quickly as compared to others. Alternately, olive oil, castor oil or corn oil also make for a good option.

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Trim your hair frequently

If your hair is always dry, it probably needs a fresh cut. Trimming your hair frequently helps prevent split ends showing. Split ends generally tend to make it difficult for you to style your hair while contributing to it feeling dry or coarse, even if your hair isn’t quite long. You can either trim your hair at home or visit your favourite stylist every few months and get your desired cut. And while you’re there, you might as well want to ask the stylist if they have any hair care tips for your particular hair type to keep them from being damaged.

Take vitamins

While you may already be aware that you need a mix of certain vitamins to nourish your body, there are certain vitamins that are equally crucial and directly impact the health of your hair as well. Proper intake of vitamin A, vitamin C, biotin and iron are said to be the most essential contributors for healthier hair. Omega-3 fatty acids also help in nourishing the oil glands that keep you your hair shiny. One may also consider the use of marine proteins which keep your hair from thinning out and make them shinier.

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Avoid washing your hair every day

People, especially with very dry hair conditions need not wash their hair on a daily basis. This is because shampooing not only removes the dirt and sweat from your hair, but it also strips away the hair of sebum. Washing your hair less often will only help preserve the natural oils in the scalp and keep them well moisturized. As for those who just cannot go a day in between washing, your best bet would be to use a shampoo designed specifically for your hair condition or simply opt for baby shampoo.

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