Simple Tips To Get Strong, Healthy And Long Nails This Wedding Season


Here are three simple nail tips that you can follow while sitting at home for better health and growth of nails this wedding season. Read ahead to know more

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Nail tips

Beautiful nails are a part of one’s personality. Everybody wants to grow long and healthy nails, but it happens naturally to only a few. Here are three tips on how to grow long and healthy nails, naturally at home-

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Nail care tips for this wedding season

Honey nail mask

Honey helps fight fungal and bacterial growth. It can help keep the cuticles and nails nourished and supple. Combine honey’s hydrating properties with that of lemon juice to create a honey and lemon nail mask. In order to do so, mix two teaspoons of honey with a few drops of lemon juice, and massage it into the nails for 15-20 minutes. Rinse off thoroughly, and it will leave brighter nails, soft cuticles and, and if used regularly, even stronger nails over time.

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Garlic Oil

Garlic is rich in selenium that helps promote nail growth. Rubbing the nails with a sliced piece of garlic can prove to be very beneficial for the nails. Another way of doing this is by putting chopped or minced garlic in a pan with some olive oil and sautéing it for about ten minutes. Let the oil cool, and strain the oil into a glass container, discarding the garlic pieces. Massage the nails and cuticles with this liquid made. This should be done every night in order to gain the best results.

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Lemon juice

Lemon juice helps in brightening nails and removes stains. Lemon juice has vitamin C, which promotes stronger growth. Use a cotton pad to swipe lemon juice all over the nails and allow the nails to dry. Lemon juice can be applied directly to the nails too. Doing this twice a week will ensure richer moisture of the nails. Another way is by adding lemon juice to two tablespoons of olive oil and heating it in the microwave for about 15 minutes. Apply this on the nails and massage gently to receive maximum benefits. This could also be left overnight.

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