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Here Are Some Common Skincare Mistakes That One Should Avoid In Their Routine

Given below are common skincare mistakes to avoid in your routine during the lockdown. Here are some of them that will surely help you get an improved skin type

skincare mistakes

Nowadays, people are constantly dabbing into the newest skincare products and techniques that promise miracles on their skin. However, what's most important is a basic skincare routine. It is quite easy to clean up the skin-care mistakes that you might have done and understand what they were. Here are some five common mistakes that most of us do while looking after our skincare routine. 

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Common skincare mistakes to avoid during lockdown

Not cleansing properly

This is the most common skincare mistake done by most of us, whenever we feel exhausted. We just splash our face with water for quick cleaning and skip cleansing it properly. Proper double cleansing is a must before going to bed and also removing makeup, if applied. According to experts, if possible, make sure you use a sulphate free cleanser based on your skin type.

Over Exfoliating

Exfoliation is one of the most amazing skincare routines to follow while taking care. Exfoliating the skin clears off the dead cells, draws out impurities and also controls oil.  But one of the common skincare mistakes we do is over-exfoliating the skin, which can harm your skin. Over-exfoliating leads to flaking, dryness, redness, and infection to the skin. According to skincare experts, a healthy skincare tip is to smoothly exfoliate 1-2 times a week with a focus on skin pores.

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Not changing the bedsheets frequently

A systematic cleaning routine is not enough to include in your skincare routine. It is said by experts that sleeping on clean bed linen entails a healthy skincare tip. It is very important, for especially the ones with sensitive or acne-prone skin type individuals. It is very essential to maintain your pillowcases/bedsheets often by cleaning and changing them on time.  Because they come in contact with make-up, sweat, dirt, scalp oil, bacteria, etc every time you lie on them, which can clog pores and lead to flare-ups.

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Popping pimples

Most of us do this common skincare mistake that we are guilty of, that is squeezing ugly spots, in spite of being repeatedly warned against doing so. According to experts, diagnosing your acne is a big no-no, because wrong and unhygienic procedures of picking pimples can worsen the condition leading to horrible scarring and infection. So, if you can not stop yourself from touching those pimples, try taking a spot treatment. 

Skip using moisturiser

Another common skincare mistake is that people with oily skin mostly forget to moisturise their skin. If you avoid using moisturiser and cut off this skincare step from your beauty regime, it will cause problems in your skincare routine. Irrespective of your skin type, regular use of a moisturiser is very essential to keep the skin well hydrated. Experts say that you can opt for a lightweight, non-greasy product for your skin that has a matte finish.

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