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Lockdown Tips: How To Prevent Sedentary Lifestyle During COVID-19 Outbreak

COVID-19 lockdown has reduced the scope of physical activities and has lead to a sedentary lifestyle. Read on to know more about how to deal with this issue.

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India is in a lockdown, and Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stated on national television that this COVID-19 lockdown has been extended till May 3, 2020. This lockdown has to lead to a huge shift in human activities and has even changed our day to day life. Lockdown is a highly effective measure to stop the further spread of COVID-19, but it has lead to several minor as well as major health issues too.

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One of those issues is the lack of physical exercise. People are working from home in many cases, and it has lead to back and neck pain, most of us have even felt prey to a sedentary lifestyle. Physical activity has reduced and it is not a good thing. Thus, here are tips that will help you push away a sedentary lifestyle during the lockdown: 

Tips to prevent sedentary lifestyle during the lockdown

Stay on your feet 

Walk around the house and try to keep yourself busy during the day as much as possible. Staying busy can help in preventing a sedentary lifestyle during the lockdown. There is always something or the other in our heads that is slid back in our heads by the other commitments we have. Try to recollect all such things that you have put on a hold till now and tick them off your list. Doing repair work at home is the best way to spend your time. 

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Work Out 

Any gym trainer will advocate the importance of a good work out in our day to day lives. There is an underlying need for a workout in our lives that most of us keep on ignoring. Working out and exercising has become even more crucial now. Everyone is supposed to stay at home and it can be irritating and frustrating at times. A good physical activity can prevent this and will brighten your mood up. 

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Cook and Clean 

Cooking and cleaning is something we all should do around the house. Try to help with cooking as much as possible. This will not only make you a master chef by the end of the lockdown but will also make you self-sufficient. Cleaning, on the other hand, is perhaps a very important factor that one must consider in such times. Keep your self and your surrounding clean all the time, and contribute in the household work as much as possible. 

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