Tired Of Love Handles? These Home Workouts Can Help You Get Rid Of Them


Love handles and belly fat can be difficult to get rid of. Those who are tired of trying various workouts, try some of these easy home workouts.

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Losing weight can be a difficult challenge. While some might find it easy to tackle the extra weight around arms and thighs, losing weight around the belly area can be slightly difficult. It may take a lot of hard work to lose belly fat. While there is no shortcut to getting rid of belly fat and love handles, there are some exercises that definitely help to make the process of losing fat much easier. Here's taking a look at reducing love handles by working out at home.

Bicycle crunches

This is the most effective way of getting rid of love handles. Lie flat on the ground and press the lower back towards the floor. Lift your shoulder blades off the ground. Twist your upper body to the right as you pull your right knee in. Simultaneously keep your left leg straight. Return to the starting position and repeat to the right.



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Cardio includes running, brisk walking and dancing. They help to trim the extra layers of fat easily. One can perform cardio like running on a daily basis for some time. As for home workouts, running on the spot for a few minutes can prove to be helpful.


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Side planks

Lie down on the floor resting forearms and feet. Align the body in a straight line so that it is parallel to the floor. Twist the waist and touch the hip to the floor. Perform the same on the other side as well.


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Russian twist

Lie down on the floor and elevate the upper body until it forms a V-shape with the help of your thighs. Rotate the torso to the opposite side until the arms lies parallel to the floor. Don't forget to breathe out while doing so.


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Leg raises

This is one of the home workouts that help to tone the lower body. To perform this exercise, lie down on the back and straighten legs high up in the air. Move the legs up and down. 


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