Trending Accessories For Hands You Must Own | Check 5 Essentials


Trending accessories for hands are a must nowadays,to brighten the overall look of your outfit. Check some essentials you must have in your jewellery collection

Written By Aishwarya Rai | Mumbai | Updated On:
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Trending fashion accessories for hands are countless. In today's time, fashion accessories help you to accentuate your overall look to a great extent. In fact, these fashionable hand accessories have become quite a rage for women across the world, especially for women. Take a look at some must-have fashion accessories in your jewellery collection.

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Five Must-Have Stylish Hand-Accessories  


Watch is an essential hand accessory in your closet. Generally, people have a watch fetish and flaunt their unique watch collection to family and friends. Wearing a watch not only helps you to keep a check on time, but it also gives out a fashion statement. Watches can be worn in different styles, the popular one being a watch entangled with a couple of bracelets. There are a plethora of types and designs of watches available in the market.

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This a must-have hand accessory in your closet. Bracelets look uber-chic and classic when worn with western dresses or sleeveless tops. There is no dearth of numerous sorts of bracelets designs readily available in the market. From layered bracelets, bangle bracelets to chain bracelets, the list goes on and on. 

Finger Rings

Finger rings are something both men and women like to wear daily. Nowadays, finger rings are must-have fashion accessories. You can match the colour and design of your ring depending on your outfit. Multiple finger rings is currently a trending fashion accessory the world is going ga-ga over.

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Bangles are traditionally Indian fashion accessories, which women often wear with ethnic outfits. They come in different shapes, colours and designs. Bangles are made up of glass, gold, silver and other materials as well. Some women wear bangles only on special occasions whereas others wear it daily.

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Fit Band

This is the latest trending hand accessory, which helps you to monitor your health in terms of your heartbeat rate, steps taken in a day and number of calories burnt. The most unique thing about this hand accessory is that one can pair it up with their smartphone and keep a track of their physical activity.

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