Dry Days In January 2020 That You Need To Know About For Planning Your Parties


Dry days in January 2020 is when no alcohol will be served for the entire day. Check out the complete list of dry days in January. Read more about it here

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dry days in january 2020

Dry days need spoiler alerts, especially if you're planning a party. Dry days are double the harder to go through if it is a weekend. People unknowingly get hit by dry days as they have no knowledge about them and it might be a huge party spoiler. Dry days in India are declared on public holidays or major events. This can be related to any famous personality's birthday anniversary or a death anniversary.

What is a dry day?

A dry day is a specific day in the calendar year when the alcohol is not served or sold in any of the bars and restaurants of the whole country. There are two kinds of dry days that are Public holidays and State level-dry days. Here are the dry days in the month of January. 

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Dry Days in January 2020

January 15: Makar Sankranti

January 26: Republic Day

January 30: Mahatma Gandhi Death Anniversary, aka Shaheed Diwas

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Liquor laws in India

  • Alcohol is something whose demand and sale does not fall but can rise only with time. There are various laws regarding liquor in India and there is no uniformity in them across states.
  • The subject of alcohol is included in the state list under the seventh schedule of the constitution of India. Thus, the law which governs the sale and consumption of alcohol varies from state to state.

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  • License is needed to sell the alcohol and in some particular states. Usually, liquor stores, pubs, clubs, discos, bars, hotels, and restaurants are licensed to sell alcohol.
  • In addition to this, beaches and houseboats may hold the license to sell alcohol to tourists. The sellers are required to hold a license to sell alcohol, otherwise, the selling of alcohol is termed illegal and will get prohibited.

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