Holi 2020: Post-holi Skincare Tips You Need To Follow To Avert Any Skin Damage


Holi 2020 is almost here. Take a look at some expert after Holi skincare tips you to swear by in order to avert the post-Holi skin damage. Read more.

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Holi 2020

The festival of Holi in India is one of the much-awaited days in a year. This time Holi 2020, will be observed on March 10, Tuesday. With Holi 2020 just around the corner, undoubtedly your pre-Holi preparations must be going on in full throttle.

For example, the distribution of sweets and gifts, gulaal and pichkari shopping etc. Even though Holi is the most fun-filled festival in the nation, the post Holi repercussion on the skin are highly damaging. 

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So it's better to take care of the skin post indulging into hours of playing Holi. Talking about post-Holi skin care ritual, there are a number of important things you must adapt to avert any skin concerns. Let's take a look at some expert tips for post Holi skin care.

Post Holi Skin Care Tips 

After playing Holi and having a fun time with all your friends and family under the sun, these skin care rituals are a must to avert the damage already done. 

Exfoliate your skin 

Remember to clean your face and body thoroughly after playing Holi. Use a natural scrub which is not harsh on the skin and remove all the stains from your body. Be gentle as your skin has already had a tough day. Investing in a tan-removal scrub is a good idea, as your skin has been exposed to the harmful UV rays for quite some time. Rinse with cold water and pat dry.

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Soothe your skin

The main purpose of post-Holi skin care is to soothe your irritated skin. The best and most organic way to do so is by applying aloe vera gel all over your face and body. Keep it on for some time, then sit back and relax. If you do not want to use aloe vera then a cooling cucumber mask is also an ideal alternative.

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Rejuvenate your skin

The goodness of rose water is something we all are aware of. It not only helps in refreshing the skin but deeply penetrates into the skin and give you a natural pinkish glow. This post-Holi skin care ritual is a must-do. Apply rose water with the help or a cotton pad or spray it directly on your face. Keep it for 15-20 minutes then rinse with icy cold water. 

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