Holi 2020: Here's How To Colourproof Your House Before The Festival


Holi 2020 is right around the corner and some are already preparing for the festival. Here are a few tips to protect your house from colours this Holi.

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holi 2020

Holi is one of the most vibrant and energetic festivals in the whole world. The festival of colours is usually celebrated outdoors, but invariably, your house also becomes a playground and gets messed up. It can be a pain to clean up your house after the festival, and Holi colours usually stain your furniture and floor for several days. So, it is always wise to prepare yourself before Holi 2020 even begins. Here are a few tips that you can use to safeguard your house in preparation for Holi 2020.

Tips to make your house colour-proof this Holi 2020

holi 2020

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Apply anti-stain varnish on your walls and furniture

Anti-stain varnishes can be easily purchased at the nearest hardware store. Applying such products on your walls effectively makes them stain proof for a while. Your walls and furniture are the most susceptible to Holi colours, so it would be wise to put some anti-stain varnish on them to keep them protected. 

Apply oil on all your doorknobs

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Doorknobs are the first thing that anyone touches when they are entering a house. When you are fully drenched in Holi colours, you end up staining your doorknobs without even realizing it. If you apply oil on your doorknobs, it will be easier to clean up the colours the day after Holi 2020. 

Keep your sofas and tables covered

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Keep your sofas, chairs, and tables covered with a plastic wrap this Holi to prevent them from getting stained. Do not use cloth wraps, especially if you are fond of them, as cloth wraps can get ruined if they come in contact with Holi colours. You can also use spare newspapers to safeguard your furniture this Holi 2020. 

Avoid using sinks to wash up and try bathing in the balcony

Do not wash your coloured face or hands in the sink. Touching your tap with colours hands can stain them and the colour can also stain your sink surface. Go directly to the shower and take a bath. If you have a balcony or front/back yard, try bathing over there to prevent your bathroom floor from getting stained with Holi colours. 

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