Holi 2020: Here Are Some Tips And Tricks To Remove Stains From Your Sofa Sets


Holi 2020 will certainly be a blast with friends and family. But if you get some stains on your sofa from colours, here are some tips and tricks to remove them.

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holi 2020

Holi is the time to celebrate with friends and family. This holiday brings with itself a colourful time as people play with various colourful powders along with colourful water. But, there is a chance that while playing Holi at home, some of these colours might stain your furniture and couches. Here are some sofa cleaning tips for Holi 2020.

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How to remove sofa stains

Under the enthusiasm and entertainment of Holi, some of the colour or Gulaal might fall on the sofa. Either you will come to know about the stains after you hear a scream from your mother, or the big stain on the sofa will say it all. The first step that you need to follow is to clean the colour with a broom or a vacuum. It is very crucial to not use your hand to dust it off as it would give a completely opposite result. It will be just spread it on the sofa more. It will also get absorbed in the fabric. 

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There are various things that you can find easily at home that can help you clean these stains in your Holi clean up. If your sofa is white, then you need to use a mixture of hot water and non-chlorine bleach. Another solution is to use half-cup of white vinegar along with 1 teaspoon of Ariel mixed with 2-3 litres of cold water. 

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If you have a window cleaner at your place, you can use it as well. You can spray on the stain and keep it for 15-20 minutes. Another great way to remove the stain is with lemon juice. You just need to soak the stain with the juice for 15 minutes. If you have alcohol at home, you need to undilute it first and then rinse the stain thoroughly with cold water.

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