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How To Make Easter Eggs Out Of Chocolate At Home This Easter Sunday

Easter Sunday will be celebrated on April 12, 2020, this year. Read more to know how to make Easter eggs made of chocolate at home on this Easter Sunday.

how to make easter eggs

This year, Easter Sunday will be observed on April 12. Easter Sunday is observed by making Easter eggs as a part of the tradition. This year, one can show their creativity by making Easter eggs at home. Here is how to make Easter eggs at home.

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How to make Easter eggs at home


  1. ¼ cup of white candy coating or coloured candy coating for decoration.
  2. 4 Ounces of chocolate candy coating or tempered chocolate.
  3. Egg-shaped chocolate mould with separate top and bottom cavity. The mould should be around 4” long.

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How to make chocolate Easter eggs

  • Wipe the mould clean and make sure that it is dry. To get the best shine on the eggs the mould must be clean.
  • To decorate the eggs with coloured designs, melt the white chocolate and coloured candy coating. The heating should be done in the microwave in short intervals. Stir it after every 15 to 20 seconds until it gets smooth.
  • After melting, pour the candy coating into a paper cone and cut off the tip. One can also use a plastic bag with a small hole in the corner. Pipe the coating on the inside of mould in the desired pattern. After the designing is finished, refrigerate the mould to set the design.

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  • Melt the chocolate candy coating in a heatproof bowl and stir it after every 30 seconds. Let it cool until its warm and fluid.
  • Pour several spoons of the melted coating into the cavity of the mould. Make sure it is covering the mould properly. Use a food-safe paintbrush to brush the chocolate in a thick layer up the sides of cavities. Make sure that it is painted in a thick layer to maintain the structural integrity of the egg.

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  • While the chocolate is still wet, scrape off the extra edges and so that the egg will have a smooth surface.
  • Let the mould sit at room temperature to set the coating Refrigerate the mould briefly until it is firm. Gently pop the egg halves out of the mould.
  • Fill the bottom eggs with desired treats. To glue the two halves, use melted chocolate. To cover the slightly messy line around the edges, make some decorative dots or lines on the edge.
  • Store the chocolate Easter egg carefully. It is still delicate and fragile. Keep it in a cool dry place.
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