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International No Diet Day: Five Chaat Items You Can Make At Home To Celebrate This Day

It's International No Diet Day. Chaat has become immensely popular in the subcontinent. Here are recipes of five chaat items you can make at home.

international no diet day meaning

On International No Diet Day, people are free to let themselves go of the restraints of their diet and enjoy one day of a cheat meal. International No Diet Day is celebrated on the 6th of May of every year. The day is celebrated to love your body the way it is and not be bothered about the societal pressure of looking 'perfect'. The International No Diet Day ensures that you can give in to your cravings of delicious food, that might not necessarily be considered healthy by nutritionists.

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In India, Chaat enjoys much popularity amongst the masses. Some of the most scrumptious food items like Aloo Chaat, Papdi Chaat, or the famous Dahi Puri chaat are loved by all. Some Indian street foods like Raj Kachori, Bhel Papdi, Dhahi Bhalle, and Paani Puri, Papdi Chaat, and Sev Puri heavily influence the street food-lovers. So, to celebrate this International No Diet Day, try these best and easy to make five chaat dishes at home.

Five easy and delicious chaat items to prepare at home on International No Diet Day

Aloo Chaat

One of the most favorite dishes from the north Indian cuisine, aloo chaat is soul-satisfying street food in Delhi and nearly all of northern India. Aloo chat is a food item that comprises of fried pieces of parboiled potato mixed with chana and chopped onions and is garnished with spices, sev, and chutney. One can prepare aloo chat at home very easily, and people would love to have it.


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Bhelpuri is purely connected with the beaches of Mumbai as locals love eating Bhel while taking a walk on the beach. This famous chaat item includes of puffed rice, sev, chopped onions, potato, Papdis, and is mixed well in chutney. People can easily make this dish at home as part of their International No Diet Day celebration.


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Dahi puri or Panipuri

Pani puri and Dahi puri, both the dishes can be prepared together at home very easily. In Dahi puri, the shells of Pani puri are stuffed with a mixture of mashed potato, chickpeas, and drizzled over with Dahi, chutney, and sev. Pani puri includes filling the puri with mint and spicy green water and Imli chutney.


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Ragda Patties

Ragda patties are similar to the aloo tikka chat but with some added value. This Mumbai staple comprises of an aloo Tikki that is shielded with a dal made from white chickpeas also known as "Ragda". Ragda patties are just magical when a plentiful amount of chutney and sev is added to the dish. The food item’s origins is from Northern India.


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Paneer Chaat with Chilli Chutney

This is one of the most scrumptious chaat items among all of them to ease your hunger pangs. The goodness of paneer combined with slight spices and served with a freshly made green chutney that is sweet and sour will surely never disappoint you. This Paneer chaat with chilly green chutney is a simple yet filling snack to pacify those untimely cravings.


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