Leap Year Birthdays Can Be Made Memorable In THESE Ways According To Netizens


Netizens have answered how one can make their leap year birthday celebrations memorable. Here is how these netizens would want to celebrate their birthdays.

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February 29 is the leap day in 2020. Those born on this day have a hard time as they get to celebrate their birthday only once in four years. Some people who are born on February 29 choose to celebrate their birthdays every year on February 28. But when your birthday falls on February 29 which is a day that falls once in four years, the celebration has to be memorable. Netizens answer what happens if you are born on Feb 29.

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On a popular question and answer website, some netizens have answered how leap year birthday can be made memorable. These netizens have shared their personal opinions and what they would like to do if their birthday comes once in four years. Here is a look at some of the ideas on how you can make your leap year birthday memorable.

Here is how netizens would want to celebrate their leap year birthday

Joel Strack from Orlando, US has said that he would want to go to local pub midnight on February 28 to celebrate his leap year birthday. He also said that as it would get close to midnight, he will go into countdown mode. He also added that he would want to draw everyone's attention towards himself during the countdown. After that, he will have his favourite alcohol.

what happens if you are born on feb 29

Another user Kate Bowen from California shared that she is expecting her second child on February 29 which also happens to be her birthday. She believes that it is a one in 2.1 million chance of mother and child both being born on leap day. Also, she feels it would be like a big surprise to both the mother and the child.

what happens if you are born on feb 29

Emily Clayton from Texas said that on her non-leap year birthday she only goes for a casual dinner. But for her upcoming leap year birthday, she has planned to have a 90s themed party at a roller rink. She also believes that the people who celebrate leap year birthdays need to "go big" that is to do something extraordinary.

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