These Leap Year Wishes And Messages Will Brighten Up Anybody's Leap Year Weekend


Leap year wishes and messages are sent once every four years. So take a look at some of these special messages and quotes for your friends and family members.

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leap year wishes

A Leap Year is a phenomenon that happens once every four years. All across the globe, several leap day events are being organised. But if you are one of those who cannot attend these events with your friends and family, you can definitely make them feel special with a leap day message or with some leap year wishes. Take a look at some of these leap year wishes for the leap year 2020.

Leap Day wishes for the leap year 2020

1. Funny and quirky

This leap year wish is one of the funniest and clever leap year wishes. This cute illustration could win anybody over. Take a look.

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2. You Goat this!

Many people tend to associate their leap day wishes with frogs. But here is a goat leaping over another goat just for you. This leap day wish is another funny gif that could brighten up anybody’s extra day of the year. Take a look.

3. Leap on leap year

These leap day wishes or saying happy leap day to somebody would be incomplete without mentioning about a leaping frog. So take a look at this cute Happy Leap Day picture here. The picture sums up the text quite literally.

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4. A piece of advice

A leap year as mentioned earlier comes after every four years. So when you are planning to send some leap year wishes, why not get a bit quirky? Take a look at one of these leap year wishes that also acts like a piece of advice.


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