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Lohri 2020: Celebrate The Harvest Festival By Gorging On These Traditional Sweets

Lohri 2020 is around the corner and people are already preparing for the harvest festival. Here is a list of food that you need to include in your list of items

lohri 2020

Lohri is the traditional harvest festival of Punjab.  The festival marks the end of the winter and the start of the Hindu calendar. This auspicious festival is celebrated by an ancient tradition of lighting a bonfire which emits positivity in the area. At this festival, people sing songs and thank the son god, Surya (The sun) for providing heat for the harvest and the Hindu God of Fire for eradicating darkness and negativity. Apart from all the ancient traditions, Indian festivals are nothing without traditional food. So, here is a list of some of the many traditional food items one can try during the Harvest festival.

Sarson da saag

On this auspicious occasion, Sarson Da Saag is perfect to ejoy food with family. This traditional dish is made with nutritious mustard leaves which is rich in folate, iron and various other types of nutrients. The dish is topped with white homemade butter (or ghee) which makes it heart pleasing. The perfect blend of Punjabi spices and flavours can be found in this recipe.

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Makki Ki Roti

Makki Ki Roti is best eaten with Sarson Ka Saag. The dish can be prepared in just 20 minutes filled with simple ingredients like maize flour, ghee, and red chilli powder. To make it tastier, add fenugreek leaves in the dough as it enhances the taste making it healthier.

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Atta Ladoo

Atta Ladoo is amongst the most popular North Indian desserts. This wonderful dish can be prepared by using three simple ingredients: flour, Jaggery, and ghee. As Jaggery plays a very important role in the harvest festival, this sweet dish is a must-try for everyone. To increase the taste, you can add dry fruits in this recipe.

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Gur ki Gajak

Lohri cannot be celebrated without Gur Ki Gajak as it is a traditional recipe of Punjab. This dish is served mainly during winters as it keeps the body healthy during the cold environment. The dish is generally consumed at the night of Lohri with the entire family while everyone is gathered around a  bonfire. A person can prepare this dish now and store it in an airtight container before serving it on Lohri.

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