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Mohini Ekadashi 2020: History And Significance Of This Auspicious Occasion; Read Details

About Mohini Ekadashi and everything that you need to be aware of. Have a look at the details on why the day holds such Importance in Hindu calendar. Read.

mohini ekadashi

Mohini Ekadashi is considered an important day by the followers of the Hindu religion. Ekadashi marks the 11th day during the Sukha Dasha because of which the people around the country devote themselves to prayers. Mohini Ekadashi generally falls in the months of April-May and this year, it will be observed on May 3, 2020.

History of Mohini Ekadashi

According to a popular belief amongst the people, Lord Vishnu took the avatar of Mohini on Ekadashi Tithi to help the Gods. When the ocean was churned, nectar was released, for which the Gods and the Demons started arguing. Both of them wanted to have the nectar for benefits that come from it.

Lord Vishnu decided to end the dilemma by appearing in the form of Mohini which conveniently distracted the demons. This gave the Gods an opportunity to consume all the nectar. The mention of Mohini Ekadashi has also been made in the Mahabharata epic.

Significance of Mohini Ekadashi

Mohini Ekadashi is believed to be one of the most auspicious days to devote oneself to the Gods. It is believed that properly observing the rituals on this day helps people wash off the sins they have committed all along. The day is also known to free people of the sins that were committed in their previous lives. Hence, devotees sing bhajans and praises of Lord Vishnu while they seek forgiveness and wisdom.

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Mohini Ekadashi's Celebration

On Mohini Ekadashi, devotees around the world observe fast for an entire day. The fast only ends on Dwadashi, which is the twelfth day, with a glass of milk. The fast is observed by not having a single grain of food throughout. Some people take up the lenient version of the fast where they can have fruits and milk products but are restrained from having rice and other grains. Devotees are also expected to only sleep on the ground while most people prefer keeping themselves busy the entire night with bhajans and prayers.

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