Valentine's Day 2020: 5 Ways To Plan An Incredible Party On This Day


Valentine's Day 2020: This day you can plan a grand party at your home easily. Therefore, here are the best five Ways to plan an incredible party this day.

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valentine's day 2020

Gourmet chocolates and teddy bears are the perfect surprises for your Valentine. However, if you are planning to throw a grand bash to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2020, lists for the theme and tasks might be quite long. From pink décor to couple games, here are some of the best ways to organize a flawless Valentine’s Day party this year. 

1.      Props to set up a temporary photo booth 

You can buy some quirky props and flashcards for your temporary photo booth. But, if finding the preferred ones are difficult, you can create them with scratch. Set up your DIY photo booth at a spare wall and adorn it with a dazzling backdrop. Now, you are ready to click snaps and post them on your social media. 

2.      Plan to play interesting games 

You can play dumb charades and truth and dare with your buddies at the party. You will create memories with games. You can also opt for card games like UNO and Housie to increase engagement and enhance the interest of the players. 

3.      Crisps and chocolate cookies 

You can keep a huge bowl of crisps and wafers to keep munching. To overcome sweet cravings, add on a box of gooey chocolate chip cookies on the table. This will balance the salty flavours and will be loved by all. 

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4.      Make drinks and give them quirky names 

You can create your Valentine’s Day-themed mocktails and cocktails. From adding rose syrup to fresh rose petals, they can be twisted with delicious flavours. Apart from adding rose petals, you can also give your drinks funky and romantic names. 

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5.      Set the right songs in the queue 

You can create Valentine’s Day-themed playlist for your friends to have a great time this day. From old Bollywood songs to the latest ones, add all of them in the playlist. You can dance on the tunes and sing along to the popular romantic songs with your better half.

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