What Day Is After Propose Day? What You Should Know About 'Chocolate Day'


What comes after Propose Day? This question excites many who look forward to celebrating Valentine's week in a very romantic and special note. Read ahead.

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what day is after propose day

February is the season of romance and many like to revel in the Valentine's Week of the month. Every year, people across the world celebrate love by enjoying different days like hug day, kiss day rose day. Starting on February 7, each day in Valentine’s week is special and is designated as a build-up to Valentine's Day. After the second day, which is Propose Day, lovers celebrate Chocolate Day. The day is celebrated by giving their partner their favourite chocolate.

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All about Chocolate Day

What can be a better gift than chocolate for your lover? Celebrated on February 9 each year, this special day looks forward to building a relationship with sweet moments and memories to cherish forever. On this day you can spread happiness by giving chocolate to your partner. And to your loved one's girlfriend or wives boyfriend or husband, you can give the special heart-shaped chocolates and gifts of course.

Chocolates are loved by everyone and are healthy and prove wonders for heart health. It also has the power to uplift your mood. Chocolate works as a soothing therapy for your sore throat, sharpen your memory and protect your brain from ageing. So, make your bond sweeter and stronger like chocolate by gifting a basket of delicious chocolates to your partner.

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Chocolate is a sign of love and commitment towards each other. This is one of the foremost reason why people celebrate Chocolate Day. So, go ahead, celebrate the special day with your partner, cherish the moments and gift your loved ones a box full of their favourite chocolate.

There are various ways you can gift chocolate to make it more memorable. You can opt for a bouquet made up of chocolates instead of flowers. You can also choose the option of a chocolate mason jar. Fill it up with chocolates and decorate it yourself to add that custom feel to your gift. However, one of the best ideas is chocolate and clip strings. Decorate the clips, put on some beautiful coloured LED lights and hang different chocolates in the clips.

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