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What Is National Chocolate Macaroon Day? Meaning, Significance, Celebration And More

Know everything about National Chocolate Macaroons Day from its meaning, significance to history. Learn all about your favourite dessert here.

What is National Chocolate Macaroon Day

Days after the celebration of National Macaroon Day on May 31, 2020, the National Chocolate Macaroon Day for the year is finally here. On June 3 every year, the National Chocolate Macaroon Day is observed. As the name suggests, the National Chocolate Macaroon Day celebration is done in order to raise awareness about the importance of Chocolate Macaroon and promote people to consume them on this special day dedicated to them. Let us throw more light on what is National Chocolate Macaroon Day and understand its significance better. 

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What is National Chocolate Macaroon Day? 


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In the United States of America, the National Chocolate Macaroon Day is celebrated on June 3 each year. A day to forget about calories and simply indulge in the goodness of Chocolate Macaroon. For the unversed chocolate macaroons are a sweet cookies lookalike meringue-based confections. They are prepared with chocolates, icing sugar, egg white, and powdered almond. One can give macaroons any shade/ food colour.

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You can add toppings up to your desire and will. Every bakery has a variety of macaroons available. On National Chocolate Macaroon Day, food lovers consume chocolate macaroons and encourage others to do the same. National Chocolate Macaroon Day meaning is to simply to enjoy the taste of rich creamy chocolate filling in the macaroons and not worry about anything else. 

National Chocolate Macaroon Day Significance 


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The National Chocolate Macaroon Day is important as only thirteen days in an entire year are dedicated to chocolate, out of which National Macaroon Day is one. The National Chocolate Macaroon Day significance is also attached to raising awareness about these french cookies which are often confused with macarons. A day dedicated to rejoicing the originality and existence of Chocolate Macaroons. People in America wait for this binge day for an entire year to acknowledge chocolate which accentuates the taste and look of every dish or desert to ten folds. 

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National Chocolate Macaroon Day History 

Where Macaroons originated is yet a mystery, but it is said to believe that macaroons originated in Italy and then in 1553 were brought to France. Then a chef once served the daughter of Medici family and the wife of King Henry II macaroons. As soon as she ate this novel dessert, Catherine de’ Medici loved it. Post that, in somewhere 1700-1800, two Benedictine nuns started a business of macaroons cookies in order to buy their house.


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Customers who bought the macaroon cookies from the Sister Marie-Elizabeth and Sister Marguerite fell in love with the recipe. Since then their business of macaroons bloomed and they were named Macaroon Sisters across Europe. With the passing time topping and filling of the meringue-based french cookies evolved. But when chocolate was included, the popularity of macaroons throughout the glove accelerated. 

National Chocolate Macaroon Day Celebration 

People who love chocolate macaroons celebrate this day by buying different varieties of chocolate macaroons and also exchanging them with their family and friends. Several bakeries and dessert places offer a wide variety of chocolate macaroons to their customers. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the best way to celebrate National Chocolate Macaroon Day is to stay at home and order macaroons online that to with contactless delivery or prepare chocolate macaroons at home. So that you and your family can relish them together. You can also participate in some online quizzes regarding the evolution of chocolate macaroons. Share your photos on social media tagging your friends when indulging into the rich taste of chocolatey and gooey macaroons.  


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