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World Penguin Day 2020: Take A Look At Some Adorable Penguin Videos On This Special Day

World Penguin Day 2020 is finally here. On this special day dedicated to these unique creatures, take a look at some unmissable videos featuring penguins.

world penguin day

The World Penguin Day 2020 is finally here. On April 25 every year the world penguin day is celebrated across the globe with a lot of gusto and enthusiasm. On this occasion of world penguin day 2020, individuals share some fun facts about this unique and adorable flightless bird and wish each other happy world penguin day.

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The World Penguin Day is celebrated in order to mark the presence of such a cute creature on the face of planet earth and create awareness about this endangered species. April 25 was selected for the world penguin day celebration because during this time of the year penguins generally migrate. So in order to make World Penguin Day 2020 more memorable, let's take a look at some adorable penguin videos. 

Adorable Penguin Videos You Shouldn't Miss On World Penguin Day 2020

Penguin and Whales strike a conversation 

Source: The Telegraph

This viral penguin video is doing the rounds since a couple of days now. This video clip is from a popular aquarium located in the city of Chicago of The United States. As the country is under the COVID-19 lockdown, a notorious penguin is roaming around freely in the aquarium, which is not open for public. Not just that, he is out there to make some new friends. In this video, one can see how he has drawn the attention of massive whales, and the two creatures are constantly making eye contact. 

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Penguins try their hands on flying 

Source: Funny Pets

This is a must-watch video on the world penguin day 2020. As one can look at the kind of dedication this unique bird is showing towards flying. Even though they are unable to fly, penguins are trying their best to fly in this adorable video. 

The Huddle 

Source: Nature on PBS

Penguins natural habitat are those places which are extremely cold, and snow-covered. This video was captured in Adelie Land, Antarctica. In order to breed penguins form a huddle, with several stacked together. It also serves as a warm place for their chicks to protect themselves from the surreal cold weather. A very informative video about penguins, which is truly unmissable. 

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Penguins can be really funny as times 

Source: John Downer Productions

If you think that penguins are not only cute-looking, then check your facts they are exceptionally hilarious as well. Penguins are nothing short of a puddle of joy. They can make you laugh your heart out with their sweet antics. Take a look in this video. 

This Penguin is a shopaholic 

Source: yeehawNATION

A few years back one penguin in Japan made headlines. Well, that is because he was a pet to a Japnese family, who treated him like a real superstar of the family. From having his own customised room, a backpack, to his knack for shopping, this penguin did it all. 

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