Watermelon Cakes To Sorbets; 5 Smart Ways To Include The Fruit In Your Meals


Watermelon is packed with water and nutrients, contains very few calories, and is exceptionally refreshing. Here are 5 ways to include watermelon in your meals.

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Juicy watermelon is loved by many in different forms during any season. While watermelons are predominantly eaten fresh, they can also be frozen, made into juice, or added to smoothies. Here are five ways to include watermelon in your meals.

Five smart ways to include watermelon in your meals

Watermelon cake 

There are a few bakers who use watermelon juice as a key ingredient in their cakes. Pure watermelon juice with vanilla essence is reportedly used to soften the cake texture and make it even tastier. Watermelon cake is truly the best thing to relish on a relaxed summer day.

Watermelon souffle

Blend the watermelon with sugar and little lemon juice. Then pour the mixture into an ice cream maker and start the machine to obtain a sorbet. Add these sorbet balls in the creamy vanilla mixture and relish the most delectable watermelon recipes at home.  

Watermelon cream

Watermelon cream is one of the watermelon recipes that is never going to get old. The tenderness of the fruit clubbed with fresh vanilla ice cream and layers of fresh cream on it makes it irresistible. Watermelon cream is also widely served at weddings as a dessert by the end of the meal.

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Simple watermelon sorbets

Sorbet is a frozen dessert made from sugar-sweetened water with the flavouring of a fruit. This is one of the most widely loved watermelon recipes as this fruit makes the dessert taste best. A watermelon sorbet can be devoured during summers post meals. 

Watermelon smoothie

Take chunks of juicy watermelon and club it with your preferred choice of fruits and blend it all in a mixture. Watermelon has many hydrating properties that make it the best supplementary to have if you are tired of having water. Add some mint leaves and lime and your watermelon smoothie can be easily made at home.

Watermelon benefits

According to Healthline, there are many watermelon benefits. The fruit helps a person's body to get rid of toxins along with boosting weight loss. Watermelon also works as the best detox ever. Watermelon contains vitamin C, an antioxidant that is essential for skin health and immune function. 

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